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Improvements from the demo


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Feb 12, 2011
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So obviously the demo is not the final product. There are still a few tweaks that can be made here and there, what would you like to see?

For me,

-Taking out the shadow from under the kicking/drop goal arrows
-Smoothing out the cut out passes and general passing
-Shortening punt kicks whilst slightly lengthening the droppies
-Making the bounce of the ball more realistic from kicks
-Speeding up the recycle ball so you can play it alot faster, depending on the ruck situation/how many player etc.
-Altering the CPU intelligence so they don't take penalties/drop goals when their 20+ points down
-Altering the CPU so they don't kick/drop goal so much and attack more
They should get their cinematic right. It's a realistic proposal, a lot of the stuff you'v mentioned I doubt will be change given the time they have left but by god change the cinematic s so the people who play this game don't spend 90% of their time staring at players necks, you have a new engine go out and show it to the players.
Powerfull players making more of an impactand not getting hit backwards like 08
Ball physics definitely are off.
When the scrum half picks the ball up he takes a while to move. This is stupid.
Things like when scoring a try and then pressing the try button and someone tackling you means he doesn't put it down and the tackle takes place first always. Stupid why this isn't fixed.
Still a lot of bunching, and there should be more taking advantage of overlaps. Not enough width in the game it seems.
The fact it's easier to sidestep with a forward than a back is stupid. Sheridan should not be able to sidestep 3 backs in a row simultaneously!!
Angles where it's easy to make a break are still evident (the 45 degree angle with the OH)

CPU intelligence is probably why it's on easy though btw.
During the demo after a ruck was formed and the ball was spread out wide, on the 50 meter line in the middle of the field 3 players from each front row stood still opposite each other, looking as though they were getting ready for a scrum when all of the play moved down the other end of the field they were still standing there! I really like the demo but I hope this doesn't happen when I get the actual game!
I actually really liked the demo, even though i hope there are some minor adjustments still to be made. I remember Teh Mite saying the other day he felt the demo wasn't as smooth as the beta he tried so I hope the final product has generally improved on smoothness. One thing that annoys me is that every 2 or 3 offloads I seem to have the opposition intercept the ball and make a run. I would like to see noticeable differences in attributes between certain players, such as habana being obviously quicker than the rest of the Boks back line. Finally, possibly zoomed in cameras a little more? I can hardly see where the ball is when Flood or Steyn kicks for touch! Still, only small touches which would for me improve what looks to be a promising installment.
I'm quite sure the game has already gone gold, so any adjustments made will most likely be from a patch. I just hope the online play is top notch and lag-free.
downloading it now - Sorry made a thread in General Gaming and can't remove it - didn't see this thread
how do you change the camera angle cos that sideon view is rubbish. Want END ON cam.

Really liking the demo though, plays pretty neat indeed
- Increasing the dropgoals distance
- Change defensive running angles. Once you cut the line of defence all the players run after the ball carrier all 15 of them.
- More quick line outs.
- When you knock the ball on, and the ball goes out into touch the advantage is over.
- When you are one on one with the fullback and you chip kick,the fullback turns around and accelerate like crap and normally catches the ball rather than you.
- AI sometimes passes the ball to another player,even though the passing player can score a try.
- This can be DLC. But Champion difficulty....
- Crowd volume up!! We want screaming fans...

Thanks for the game demo...
OK played it a few times now and I like it but its very samey to 08. Which isn't a bad thing but it didn't feel like a new game (again not a bad thing).

Yes it's set to EASY but on first go I won first half 20 odd nil with SA and second go by a bit more again and while playing in the unfamiliar sideview (so I'd rock once END ON is available). Can't wait for it to come out and will definitely be a first day purchase.

If I was given this game a year after the original EA 08 came out I'd definitely think it was an EA Rugby product with a lil more smoothness and improved graphics.
When you do the classic set play (i think its the classic set play) with England and you choose the x option (Xbox 360) it goes to a forward and then they kick it forwards should never kick i tried it once and though it was a fluke but it happens every time
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