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That's pretty much the info that's been released

We know there's a demo coming soon, but no official date yet - hang tight, we should know soon :D
be good if the other one has a demo as well so we can compare
im confused about the other game because if it has 3 names does that mean each disc will play and save different? like on the marketplace will there be 3 different games?
Nah just different box art. Everything else should be the same. They done that with the league as well. Think NZ's one had Stacey Jones on it but Oz had one of their blokes, but once you open the case its exactly the same.
demo would be great. cant wait for the 2 rugby games to come out. goodbye world for a while once they come out
Sidhe have confirmed that they will not be releasing a Demo for Rugby Challenge, so unfortunately we won't be able to compare the two without buying. Can't wait for the RWC Demo though, would love to see what the game is like as I am defenitly buying RC, but not too sure about RWC yet.
Yes its True and Confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3, Just waiting for Info on Dates And content.
ooooooooooo I'm exited :p. I guess that week Tuesday (2 weeks Tuesday just gone) would be logical (due to the world cup warm ups in the NH beginning - Nice way to warm up to Wales Vs England double header by playing as Wales vs England ;) ;)
I'll be guessing South Africa Vs England as the demo game. Biggest licensed Southern Hemisphere side and biggest Northern Hemisphere market. Will be interesting if that varies though. I seriously hope it's not a 2 or 3min each way demo, those are more detrimental than helpful. People enjoy getting into the flow a little bit.

Also, no-one from HB has said whether the oft requested game time between 5 and 10 min halves has been put in. Thought I might as well mention that here in case it gets read. :)
Yeah, it'll be horrible if it only lasts a few mins, then sit thru unskippable features screens that last longer than the gameplay - rinse + repeat:(.

I take it there's no hope for a bit of online in the demo?
Yer agree it'll probs be SA vs ENG, guess it'll give me even more of a reason to buy full version to play as Wales :p :p hahaha

Cant wait to get my hands on this demo :p
Damn I love the Aussie dollar just scored my copy of RWC 2011 from the UK for $50 Aus. Looking forward to this demo!
it might be england vs ireland in the demo i remember the 2010 world cup demo had italy and spain.
hopefully it will be atleast 10 minutes long. it will have to have a tutorial if it wants to get people to buy it

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