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I'll be guessing South Africa Vs England as the demo game. Biggest licensed Southern Hemisphere side and biggest Northern Hemisphere market. Will be interesting if that varies though. I seriously hope it's not a 2 or 3min each way demo, those are more detrimental than helpful. People enjoy getting into the flow a little bit.

Also, no-one from HB has said whether the oft requested game time between 5 and 10 min halves has been put in. Thought I might as well mention that here in case it gets read. :)

I can only see it being a 2 or 3 minute each way demo unless it is a timed demo (have to be connected online, and only playable for 2 or 3 weeks). Then I can see them being more generous and giving more time.
Probably the demo will consist in playing one half of England vs South Africa. :)

//edit. sorry, my proxy is acting up, couldn't read the above posts.
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I think it's very very likely that England will feature in the demo
The new England kit isn't unveiled until August 5th so I reckon that it'll come out on the first *whichever day they get released on* after that
Xbox Live are Tuesday Night - Wednesday Morning for demos.
So whats the verdict here guys: I'm guessing it'll come out august 10th from all your guys information (Wednesday)
I would pefer a bit earlier and wouldn't mind if England had their old kit. Just want to play the game
I'm thinking that demand for the demo may exceed expectations on whatever day it's released. Rugby may not be one of the hugest audiences, but it's a very, very hungry one. A lot of people will want this the hour it's out!
some people that aren't rugby fans might get caught in the world cup craze and buy the game. Much like I was caught up in the Snooker World Championship one time and bought WSC 07. :D
It's a good point,

Also on the point of the demo - I tend to download most demos off of XBL, just to try out new games - so I reckon you could see a lot of people do that, then if they enjoy it pick up the full game (I did that with Madden 11, for example, and I normally really don't like American Football)
I hope the demo is on XBL and PSN in the united states when it's put up and not just the other countries.

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