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A Political Thread pt. 2

It doesn't help when there is no set definition of what is left and right wing. I've always known Galloway as extreme left wing. He's an absolute prick and I don't know how he keeps getting voted in.
Makes a change from targeting black voters with semi automatic weapons I suppose.

US forces will build a temporary port on the Gaza shoreline in the next few weeks to allow delivery of humanitarian aid on a large scale, Joe Biden will announce in the State of the Union speech.

"We are not waiting on the Israelis. This is a moment for American leadership," a senior US official said on Thursday, reflecting growing frustration of what is seen in Washington as Israeli obstruction of road deliveries on a substantial scale.

The port will be built by US military engineers operating from ships off the Gaza coast, who will not need to step ashore, US officials said. The aid deliveries will be shipped from the port of Larnaca in Cyprus, which will become the main relief hub.

Quite a big statement from Biden with the building of the port.

Could he be more racist?

I don't like her - but not because of her ethnicity, but because she comes out with stupid comments and then tries to cover them up. But let's call a spade a spade he's made racist remarks about her because he has racist views.

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