A Yankee needs the help of an Aussie!

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Jason_1977, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Question for the good folks down undah!

    I am looking to buy this shirt. It's an adidas shirt, dry weave I think. It has a big green roo on it with NO ball in its paws. On the back, there's a small Australian flag & it says "Australia" above the flag. I can't find it anywhere, I've googled, I've checked the big rugby.com's, the rugby union, the wallabies, the kangaroos, I've checked Adidas Australia themselves, I am stumped. Can someone point me in the right direction & get me one step closer to being able to obtain this shirt?


    I've been looking and looking and have had no luck w. the dice. Any link that leads to some place I can purchase it would be wonderful!!! I'm not sure if it's a rugby shirt or not, but I'm sure enough Aussies have seen it enough, they'd know how to get their hands on one & shine some light on this quest. Thanks!!!!
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