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adidas flankers 915 11

i see a lot of all blacks and irishmen wearing these, but personally i prefer my air legends B)

however, i havent as yet tried a pair :unsure: so you look around for a shop and ask if they stock your size to try them out.

alternatively, you could try to search for online reviews.

but, seeing as you're from the UK, did you know that you could get f50+'s and nike air legends for less then £60 from a shop called sports world???
The Flankers are an awsome boot!! well worth the money! a boot made for rugby and very high quality. Thats why you see a lot of the AB's wearing them. They may not be the best looking boot on the market but I think if you are going for a boot with looks you wouldnt be asking about a boot such as this. F50's Blaa, to me Waste of money, im not bias, I love the old F50's but the tunit's are a no go untill next year when the leather is released. The synthetic material has gotten allot better but just doesnt have that nice snug fit around you feet.

Are the durability with the flankers are awsome! We havnt had ONE pair come back with a split problem so I say definatly go right ahead mate.

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