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Australian Open



We're down to the business end of the tournament at Melbourne Park now with most of the favourites through to the round of 16. Lleyton Hewitt's firey confrontation with that Argey last night was entertaining. After some heated words in the fourth set the guy spat in Lleyton's direction. It got pretty nasty after the match.

Go Lleyton and Alicia!

Mens winner :

Roger Federer

Womens winner :

Alicia Molik
Go Nadal. Beat the **** out of that tard Hewitt.

Mens winner = Roddick
Womens winner = Sharapova
I think I'll stick with predictability and go for Federer in the mens. The women's is slightly more competitive, although before the tournament I thought Kuznetsova had a decent chance although I'm not sure how this crap over the drugs test is affecting her.
What a game, match of the Open! Hewitt came good in the deciding fifth set to clinch what was probably his most important game in his Australian Open career. Roll on quarter finals.
Originally posted by Wally+Jan 23 2005, 09:29 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Wally @ Jan 23 2005, 09:29 PM)</div>
@Jan 23 2005, 12:43 PM
Go Nadal. Beat the **** out of that tard Hewitt.
You wish. [/b]
Yes i wish.

How did Nadal not have a chance of winning that? 4th set tie break and he would of won!

Doesn't beat the fact that Hewitt is a tard and loads of people hate him.
Just because he's agressive on court. There's nothing wrong with that.

Both Aussies are into the top 8! Alicia Molik disposed of Venus Williams in straight sets to book a place with world number 1 Lindsay Davenport. Roll on Australia day!
lol @ the biased channel 7 commentators

don't mind molik but i would have loved to have seen Nadal win, from my p.o.v
I can see why you'd want Nadal to win. Does New Zealand have any tennis players on the rise that we should look out for in the future?
Spose you could say Marina Erakovic (very kiwi i know) but shes 16 and has won quite a few junior ***les - so maybe look out for her...
to prove my point - heres a bunch of aussies comments on him


C'MON? Or come off? We asked you for your views on Lleyton Hewitt, the little blond kid from Adelaide who has risen to the top of the tennis world.
Hewitt's controversial on-court behaviour has been the focus of heated debate and our readers seem equally split in their opinions on his on-court behaviour and treatment of opponents - particularly his war-cry of "C'mon!"

Thanks for your contributions. Here's a selection of the best responses.

From: Peter
Comment: I have yet to see a photo of little Lleyton with his mouth shut.

From: prateek
Comment: Would people say the same about the celebrations on a soccer field after a goal or the taking of a wicket at the cricket? Why should tennis be any different?

From: Carol
Comment: "Come On" Lleyton we're all behind you.

From: Lotte
Comment: The face of sport is ever changing. It's called evolution. Let it be.

From: sue van dongen
Comment: Tell Mike Gibson to get a life!

From: Ivan
Comment: He is an angry man. But great for tennis and Australia.

From: David
Comment: Lleyton is putting in 110% to be the best that he can be. That's nothing to be embarrassed about.

From: Ash
Comment: I agree with Mike Gibson's comment. At the end of the day he gets paid a wad of money to hit a ball over the net. Whoop de do. And what is really going on with the "finger's to the face" gesture?

From: Sandy
Comment: I love tennis and naturally support Australians in all tennis tournaments, with the exception of Lleyton Hewitt. His "come ons" and stupid hand gestures pointing towards his forehead just to check if his brain is still working are embarrassing. His actions on field truly depict him as a brainless silly young blond guy. Compared to Molik, his level of maturity has much to be desired

From: Yolanda
Comment: Hewitt's got to know where to draw the line to keep his unique signature, but show good sportsmanship to his opponents who are frustrated at themselves because they are losing.

From: Jo
Comment: Why do the elite sportsmen believe its there right to be bad sports? I think there should be a code of conduct and if not followed then the player or team is suspended no matter what the money or sponsorship involved.

From: Barney
Comment: There is only one thing worse that a poor loser, that's a poor winner.

From: Sambo
Comment: Hewitt has always played hard. Now a few softies don't like it because they are frustrated that they dont have the heart to win in the tough games. Its simple: if they want to shut him up, win the game.

From: Martin
Comment: I'm ashamed to be an Australian when the likes of Hewitt take to the field. Is this Australian sport in the 21st century? How unlike the gentlemen-sportsmen such as Bradman! Sportsmanship will shine through eventually, and close an unpleasant chapter in Australian sport.

From: Adam
Comment: I think Lleyton Hewitt's performance in the match against Chela was nothing short of disgraceful. While I do not condone Chela's spitting, I believe Lleyton's unsportsman-like attempts to put Chela off his game were dirty, cheap and totally unnecessary. If he wants to considered a true champion, he should play his own game, and not resort to his old tricks of upsetting his opponent.

From: Brad
Comment: Absolute Champion. Come On!!!

From: Luke
Comment: COME ON Lleyton.....

From: Scott
Comment: I think Lleyton's verbal outbursts of "C'mon!!" are fine. I can understand it upsetting his opponents when it happens on an unforced error, but I don't think Lleyton is trying to upset his opponents. He's just psyching himself up for the next point.

From: Ewen
Comment: Lleyton really needs to spend some time with Pat Rafter. He was truly a fantastic role model and all round nice guy! Hewitt is a petulant little clown!

From: Ray
Comment: Lleyton Hewitt may get up the nose of some but at the end of the day he is a competitive sportsman who does whatever he can to get a result. And his achievements speak for themselves. He is merely taking the standards of former champions like Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe to a new level. In comparison Tim Henman, for example, is a nice guy who has never won a Grand Slam tournament and probably never will. Horses for courses!

From: Felicity
Comment: I think Lleyton's energetic and rousing yells make the atmosphere more exciting and encourage the crowd to feel part of the action. I don't think they are any more distracting than the typical "grunting" players, and to me, his exclamations are LESS offensive than the repeated grunts of other players. I believe the negative focus on Lleyton's outcries is due to Tall Poppy syndrome, lack of understanding, and jealousy. C'mon, Lleyton!!!

From: David
Comment: I am a long time fan and player of tennis. I have also been a strong supporter of Hewitt in the past. However, his outbursts which have been become ever more aggressive, especially in this event, urged on by a partison public, encouraged by Channel 7 are, I believe, totally unacceptable.

From: Dalvin
Comment: Someone should remind Hewitt that the game of tennis is a very different sport from boxing.

From: Cade
Comment: Legend! If you don't like it don't watch it.

From: Loraine
Comment: Lleyton is a hero and role model in today's world, where having the grit and heart to pull oneself together and battle back from the edge of failure is an essential tool in the armoury of living. Rusty - our warrior on the courts - C'MON!!!

From: Colin
Comment: Tennis is a competitive sport and Lleyton plays hard ball, his calls are not directed at the opponent but to himself. I've never seen him spit at anyone or deliberately hit a ball at his opponent. If he gets on his opponents nerves and they react why should he be vilified?

From: Chris
Comment: Leave the tennis up to him and not the fat cats who have never held a racket in their lives.

From: scott
Comment: I can't stand the come ons. They make me barrack for other players in other countries.

From: Andrew
Comment: A tennis player who has done this country proud on numerous occassions, uses the crowd and his own self-belief to win. Why are there still so many knockers of Lleyton Hewitt?

From: mike
Comment: Little Lleyton should show a bit of grace and respect to the game and his opponent. He's forgotten that genetic luck (and hard work) has meant that tennis fans have given him a fortune - be a little grateful and humble you little turkey!!

From: billy
Comment: If it was Andy Roddick shouting "C'mon!" at the top of his lungs after every second point to "pump himself up" and rub it in everyone's face, he'd be just an arrogant American.

From: M Edwards
Comment: He is the most annoying male player to watch, his constant c'mons are un called for and certainly unsportsman like. Why the Australian public root for him is beyond me. He is just a yob with a yob mentality.

From: ella
Comment: Hewitt is an arrogant, pig headed jerk.

From: Edoardo
Comment: Leave him alone - he is just excited.

From: Mark Davis
Comment: I think that Lleyton is doing for tennis what Happy Gillmore did Golf. I would not normally watch tennis the amount I have recently if it was not for Hewitt. C'mon!!!
"Doesn't beat the fact that Hewitt is a tard and loads of people hate him."

The fact that even his own countrymen can't stand him, which i thought all along
Ah, but those messages are fairly equal. It just depends. Obviously he's no Agassi, but I don't think he expects to be liked like Agassie either. Some like him, some don't.
Of course he would, if George Gregan played for New Zealand he would call him an arrogant little ****
Llayton's an arrogant little prick with little grace, but that said, he is a fighter that never gives up, and you have to respect him for that.

Oh yeah, and Federa to win the mens... There's no way Hewitt or Roddick will get even close to him if he's on...
A Roddick v Hewitt semi could be quite a match. Safin is probably the one player who can beat Federer but it's still gonna need Federer to play well below his best. Can't see that happening.
f***ing ripped off! That umpire should be shot. Long live Alicia Molik, you pushed the world number 1 all the way to the end.

4-6 6-4 7-9
An intersting poll conducted about Hewitt's on court antics. 41% of Australians surveyed said they had a problem with him. 59% had no problem with it. Goes to show he's not the most popular. Maybe they took into account his childish antics over the speed of the court. Wake up Lleyton it doesn't matter what the speed of the court is, Federer will still win the tournament.

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