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Backbreaker demo online

The alternate to madden people are looking for??

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I had the opposition score a kickoff TD on me earlier, the ball went straight over my head, and their player got their first =/

That punt return is mad, i guarentee if i'd have done that i'd have been tackled by one of my own players/tripped over them :p
Ah! I want it so bad :p
I've started getting better at evading tackles now, but i've got into a habit (from playing fifa mainly) of holding sprint all the time, which obviously isn't the best idea for this, as agility goes way down and you can't do alot of the moves
Got it today :D :D great stuff, playing it like mad. Tried my luck at creating an American Football version of the ospreys :D :D :D My attempt is not bad, but needs work. Hardest thing is trying to assign rugby players, american football positions. :D Anyone know how to download peoples "accurate" NFL team strips etc ??
Mine was in the "Picked and Packaged" stage (or something along those lines) when i checked this morning, will just look again:

Wehey, dispatched!

On a sidenote, i didn't know Game did rentals. £9.99 a month and you can get 1 game out at a time, £14.99 and you can get two
Look forward to hearing your guys thoughts on the game and seeing some custom teams! I'm currently in my third season of RTBB and am in division 1. There are 32 teams in this division and Im sitting below the middle with 8 wins and 9 losses. My best win in Div 1 is 34-12 and my biggest loss ia 50-0!! I only lost 2 games in div 3 and 2 games in div 2. I thought I was good, the div 1 teams had me for breakfast. This game has moments of pure awsomeness, and moments of pure anger and frustration and thats the way sports should be!

For the time being heres a vid of an awsome fend to get the TD. After getting stuffed all game long I pulled this out of nowhere and got a much needed win.


p.s. All my vids (except the first one i think) are from my warriors team in RTBB.
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Not bad!
I got a beaut of a touchdown running the entire length of the field

Can't wait to have a crack at the team creator tomorrow (i hope tomorrow anyway!)
I thought the game handled pretty poorly. I was gonna buy it - not caring that it wasn't really a full-featured game. Tried the demo, not impressed.

The controls aren't really intuitive.
I feel the controls are fine, its just the camera and the speed of the game that can leave you getting overwhelmed and disoriented. I am used to
madden, where I can see anticipate the defense well in advance. In backbreaker you dont have a lot of time to react. I think the controls are inuitive on paper, with the moves being divided into agile and agressive and and logically mapped to the right stick. The passing too, is quite logical. Its just that pulling this stuff off in the game is just so hard because of being under pressure and blind as a QB or being not being able to see a clear path as a back.

This aspect can be very frustrating, but eventually you start clicking. It took me over a week. I actually like this about the game though, I like the challenge. I like the how its unpredictable and the sense of fear or panic you get in open space trying to anticipate where the next defender is coming from (you can see this in my latest vid, with my panic sidestep lol) For me the good far out weighs the bad, when I make a big play or have 70 yard scoring drive I feel a huge sense of achievement. The kind of feeling that is missing from most sports game these days.

This game is not for everyone and I understand why it has turned alot of people off. There are alternate controls fpr passing, dont know if you tried that or if it would help at all.
Apparently my postman decided to have a lie in this morning or something =/
The tracking says it's out for dispatch, but no sign of him yet
Spent my time making a logo. It's going ok, but I'm a bit of a perfectionsist, so I may never finish it. :p

How man gold star players should I give my team?
I gave my team 5 of each,
I forgot how un-creative i am :p Just gave myself a stock logo, will have a bash at a proper one tomorrow. (Did the same thing with Spore, got it, then just made really boring/normal looking creatures :p )
Got to level 39 on the tackle alley earlier, great fun

Loving the game so far though

As a sidenote, how long are you guys playing your quarters for? I've gone for 3mins
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As long as your happy with the logo, then who cares if its stock!

If you start RTBB then it does not matter how many gold players you have as you will be given a poor generic roster, much like in rugby 06/08 world league (RTBB is very similar.)

If you start a season then start with enought gold players to suit your skill. I will start with none, as I like the challenge of
building my team up from zero.

I play on 3 min quarters. Id never leave the house otherwise.
Nice logo, nice idea for a team. The uniform certainly fits the name. How did you come up with San Tokyo?

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