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Backbreaker demo online

The alternate to madden people are looking for??

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My two favourite cities, San Francisco and Tokyo. Not that I've been to either of them.
Got to wave 69 on tackle alley, spent bloody hours doing it :p Thought i'd get to 100 for sure, but got stuck on level 69 and used 50 odd lives on it
I can catch punts but i'm naff at kickoffs, i always seem to miss them by milimeters, then have to run back into my whatever-its-called-where-you-score-a-touchdown to recover, then get tackled about 5yrds out
Try moving to the kick without using focus then holding it once in the circle. I still have the odd problem with this!

In BB news the developers have confirmed that a major patch is in the works. Great news.
The wind will tell you if the circle is going to be behind or in front. Adjust accordingly.

How have you been with the analog kicking?
The wind will tell you if the circle is going to be behind or in front. Adjust accordingly.
I try.

How have you been with the analog kicking?
Averagely. I just get my carer to put it at full power. After a while my controller decides to start the kick on its own, so I don't always get to aim fully. (There really is something wrong with it, it also messes up the camera on most 3rd person action games. I'm trying to get it sorted.)
I think I've had a watershed moment. Scored a punt return TD, then continued scoring and winning, mostly. Finished 3rd in my second season, nearly have enough credits for a gold.

I did record that TD, because I broke two tackles with what I thought were fends, but I got the stiff arm achievement a bit later.
I got o twave 80. Its very addictive. Can't see my self getting 100 unless I get lucky. It just takes too long to get back to the high levels!

If I could play tackle alley using my custom teams jersey I would probably play it alot more.
I must be terrible at this game...I can't get any further than around level 23 in tackle alley and can't throw a non-intercepted pass to save my life (I pray it never comes to that!!!) I just really enjoy the running game!
Has anyone played this online yet?
I can't =S Whenever i click to play online (exhibition or tackle alley, player or ranked) it can't find any matches, so hosts one, then just sits there waiting for someone to join.
Also the leaderboards are all empty, apart from the Single Player tackle alley list.
I don't know if this is a problem with their system, or with my wifi adaptor, as ever since i got it Bad Company 2 hasn't been able to connect to it's servers, so it could be something similar for this?
I haven't tried going online, and probably won't.

Rushed 90 yards for a TD today!
I very very nearly did the same, i got brought down literally 1yd from the line though

Still throwing intercepts 9/10 times :p Getting better at the running before, i'm less frantic with my spins/side steps now
Online is always like that...this game has sold less than 40,000 copies apparently add that to the host being lag free while the guest gets huge lag and you get empty online. Ive played about 6 games online. Its not worth bothering IMO. The games are too long and people jut quit if theyre down.

To get better at passing, you have to try to read the defence. Try to pick a play e.g. shotgun, slot cross...where you have
a WR going across the middle and your TE cutting straight out into the flats.

Now, watch the line backers. watch if they blitz, fan out of stay put. If they blitz the outside the look for your TE, if they blitz the middle then hit the WR in the slot

If the MLBs stay put and the WR the OLBs take the flats then look to your WR on the outside, but you probably wont have time. Dont be afraid to hit the x button (or A button) and throw it away if you feel shut down. Throwing and praying does not work!

Also, at the start of the play keep an eye on the saftey and if he runs infield away from your WR at the snap then you might have a one on one situatuion with WR and CB which seem to favor you most of the time (you will still get picked by a good CB.)

Also, on third and long its better to play for field postion and get a good punt in than to chuck and pray and get picked. Dont expect to score on every drive.

TE on a post pattern is a good high percentage play.

I once threw 11 picks in 1 game and lost 50 nil. Now I consistantly throw for 100 yards a game. I am 10 and 2 in RTBB season 4 after finising season 3 15 wins and 16 losses.
Really enjoying this game, glad i got it shipped in from the US so i could play it a few weeks before its official UK release. Very frustrating playing RTBB, being picked and sacked loads and loads :( :( Been looking at the BB forums and starting to get used to lead passing. just gotta depend on my OL being solid, which so far in RTBB is very very unlikely . Games are very tense, kinda weird how competitive one gets when playing against the computer :( :( . can't wait for 505 to release their patch, hopefully it'll stop my RB's crumbling when just nipping the OL.
Tried the Madden 11 demo yesterday, I find it easier to play, but BB is more fun.
Tried the Madden 11 demo yesterday, I find it easier to play, but BB is more fun.

Totally agree with you, i really enjoy the running game in madden 11, but i still hate playing on defence. Backbreaker really has the fun factor in both categories even tho it isn't so polished. Hopefully backbreaker will be allowed another shot and get more polished :D

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