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Bath Vs Northampton



This is not just a game anymore...

I will be attending and will be meeting up with a fellow member and also sitting by him as well

So its gonna be

Getofmeland Meets Saintsfan_Webby

Bath Meets Northampton

The Date: 10/03/2007
The Venue: Bath - The Rec and probably a pub or 2

The Plan: to be announced

Anyone else gonna be going to this game??
The Plan: to be announced

I thought the plan had been announced in the previous line - "pub" stood out for me. :D

Should be a good match though, both sides without their internationals and Saints probably still on a high from having beaten Leicester. Unless some more farmers spoil the party inbetween. Can't trust Gloucester.

Jimmies to take it, but not by much.
Tickets have arrived, Phone numbers exchanged, Train Times Confirmed.. this is go go go...
Finished 22-17 to Bath. Commentary sounded like Northampton weren't interested until the last 10 minutes when Bath had already notched up enough to secure the 4 points.

Pretty glad I didn't go in the end!
What a fantastic Day Out... Loads of Northampton Fans in Full Voice, Met a great Chap in Webby, and had an all round good day...

Mite you should be lucky that you got the bonus points, yet again Northampton where providing too slower ball...

Photos will be posted soon...
The match: Saints were utterly useless for the first 40 minutes. Didn't have a clue, never even looked like beginning to think about scoring. Were lucky to only be 16-0 down.

First 20 minutes of the second half we started to wake up. Still conceded pointless penalties, but at least began showing a bit of ambition.

Last 20 minutes, we started playing like we can. Labit finally realised he was involved in a rugby match and was putting in some nice offloads, Carlos switched his brain on for a change, Robinson provided a nice finish, and then Kydd went over to take us within bonus point range. A tense final 3 minutes sadly proved fruitless.

The day: Excellent. Met up with Charlie and after getting over the initial shock of being so much shorter than someone we had a good time. Had a wander through Bath, watched some near naked gymnastic acrobats/comedians in the street, found a pub, talked to random old men out on a ****-up and finally watched some rugby.

I can see the Rec being a nightmare on a wet and windy day, but with the sun shining and only a mild breeze it was a really nice place to watch rugby. As long as you are prepared to wait in line for a **** at half time.

TRF meet-ups - highly recommended.

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