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This week I've noticed ASDA are pushing local beers so I'm drinking tonnes of the various Cains varieties. If a change is needed then an emergency bottle of Magners is tucked away in the fridge.

Any recomendations...I can give the Cains a big thumbs up.

Unfortunately only available in Australia or Australian bars. At which they can charge over the odds for it because there is nowhere else to get the stuff.
Only a couple in front of the computer tonight as im playing tommorow, but i love a drop of Pedigree.
In all fairness i love nearly every beer ive ever drunk but thats my current fave
I don't like beer much at all, only a few that I'm particularly keen on.

Super Strongbow is the way forward though.
Almost every alcohol i've ever tasted is disgusting.
I do, however, love JD and i like a pint of the Brains.
Is everyone on here a nancy back then? :p
Dont like beer, whatever next? :D

Don't like it...doens't mean i don't drink it.
I am a rugby boy remember: NO SENSE!
I think you can get VB in oddbins and occassionally in some off-licenses

Also this website has all the southern hemisphere beers : http://www.sanza.co.uk/

Melbourne Bitter is nicer though.

I'm just off to ASDA for more Cains 2008
Raw sewage, now theres an idea. Bus trip tommorow aswell, with a few young lads that are new to the club.
Seriously though its half the fun of rugby surely?
Seriously though its half the fun of rugby surely?

Don't get me wrong, alcohol and rugby go together like chalk and another bit of chalk.

I just prefer mine in forms other than beer if possible. If all else fails then bitter is alright. Most lagers are rubbish.
ill drink absolutely anything!!

if its alcoholic ill drink it!!

the taste doesnt come into it for me!!
Bit of everything really me, always partial of whiskey with coke, Carlsberg is one of the few drinks I won't touch, a mouthful of that and I'm close to hurling, must be something in it I'm allergic to. Fond of the Tuborg, for both price and taste. Corona is another one but it has to be lime instead of lemon. It's always a case of hit and miss with the beers in Lidl and Aldi. Those mini tesco beers aren't too bad either.

Keep meaning to reaquaint myself with Kalimotxo though, great stuff.
These all sound like expensive boutique beers imported from some country that i can't pronounce! lol...The good ol' Tooheys Red, New and Carlton Draught and maybe Coroners are always good.
Jim Beam Bourbon, it's not a beer, but then I don't give a ****...

Yes I just got home from a night on the ****, big whoop, wanna fight about it???

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