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Best Try you ever scored...

Dont know why, but on all three teams i played for I scored on my first game, SiC, Hindu and rhinos

Besides the try I posted, I loved my first try for Hindu Club, nto only because its the club I love but because I found it awesome.

I was 12, played 8th division rugby for Hindu, back then i was a little crap, I played hooker, We were about halfway, we gained the ball on a ruck, I wasnt taking part of it, I stayed on the wing, right next to the winger, he was my best friend also, He kinda gave me a wtf are you doing look, I ignored it, the scrum half passed it to him, he drew in the fullback passed it to me I thought Iwas gone easily, but I was slow as hell back then, so with like 4 or 5m to go to the try line I see the oposing wingers, centers and their moms about to tackle the crap out of me and possibly injure me, so I dove, It was a crazy ass dive, i saw it all in slow mo, they all still tried to tackle me and i was falling to the touchline, so I had to set the ball down for a try or lose the ball for a lineout, I stretched my arm as far as I could and I got the try, still on the floor with like 6 of their players on top of me i started celebrating and my friends and teammates pushed them off to pick me up and get all pumped.
that try won the game

It was awesome because it was my First game for Hindu
I would say it would be against Kings College, Grantham when i was playing for De Aston 6th Form. We were about 30ish points down, about 10 mins on the clock. We had them deep in their 22...

A sliced kick from the FH went straight down my neck, I was on my own in centre field, the rest of the team offside at this point. I ran almost straight for the posts. I angled for the far corner flag, rounding the centres, I dummied the full back an shrugged off the winger and another defender on the 5m line to run back under the posts.

I beat at least 5 players that I can remember, all from a very good side to gain some face for the team in defeat. I went on to score again as did our fly half but we still lost.

My 2nd best try was beating the county full back in a sprint race in a 7s tournament to score an interception try from almost on our goal line!

3rd best try was my 3rd of 4 tries against a school from Newark where I ran from the 5m to the other end of the pitch to score.

Im still yet to score for my new club... had only one run as im not even 1st pick for the 3rds! lol

Nice try above!
In the early 1980's, I was playing in Auckland at FB for Western Districts Senior Reserves (now defunct club I believe) against Ponsonby at the Huapai Domain. I cannot really remember the score or game situation.

We were on attack, about midway 22 and half-way about 10m in from the left touch with a rolling maul which had progressed from near the opponents 10m line. The half back went right, and passed to the 1st 5/8. I came into the line between 1st and 2nd and fired a skip pass to the centre and then doubled around him and the right wing. The centre didn't straighten the attack as much as we expected so we ended up cramped for room on the right touch. He then fired a chip kick from about the 22m. From there it was a foot race between their winger our winger, the cover defence coming across, and me. We ran shoulder to shoulder down the touchline. I had been behind their winger but slightly ahead of ours. The was ball bouncing end over end angling gradually toward the corner of the dead ball line and touch-in-goal. As we approached the try-line, it had become a straight-out race between their winger and me. He was staying on his line and not giving ground. I had to run outside the touchline and around the outside of the corner flag. By this time, the ball had almost stopped, and I was fractionally ahead of him. I dived first and grounded the ball with my feet still in touch. The referee awarded the try and the opposition howled in protest that my feet were in touch and claiming it should have been touch-in-goal. But the ref. had got it right. Just to make their misery complete, I banged the conversion over from the right touch.
Not my best try....my easiest.

Opposition scrum 10 metres from their line. I am on the wing marking no one as their winger has joined their backline. Suddenly their halfback gets a burst of inspiration and takes the ball from the blindside to try and run around me! I scrag him and start to ragdoll him out into touch, however just before he goes out he places the ball back infield. I pick it up and stroll to the line with no one around. The opposition forwards thought the ball had gone out to their first five to kick for touch, they were still having a rest in the scrum unaware of the little exclusive one on one rugby game me and the halfback were having. It was so easy I almost expected the ref to blow his whistle for something. I think the rest of the players were a bit confused as well.

Well at least I helped the halfback with his personal rugby development. He would have taken stock of the fact that it is too risky to try things against an opponent twice his size and with his support unaware of what he is doing.
As i havent played for a couple of years and the fact i played 10 i didnt get to many tries. The one that i remember was simple, ball spun back to me as i was deep making the other team think i was about to kick didnt chipped it over re-gathered and slid over under the posts. By far my best piece of skill though was slotting a drop goal from 40 metres in the rain to tie up the game with 10 minutes to go. Nothing beats the crisp feeling of a well struck drop goal :D
Runing from the half way, breaking 9 tackles!! (from wing, 14)

I am an under twelves player and play play center yesterday a guy fron their team got an intercept (wich was my fault) and was clean through i caught him on the 5 metre line won the ball ran the pitch and scored
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Runing from the half way, breaking 9 tackles!! (from wing, 14)

I am an under twelves player and play play center yesterday a guy fron their team got an intercept (wich was my fault) and was clean through i caught him on the 5 metre line won the ball ran the pitch and scored

Didnt mean to make that a reply to the other one just amking a post
I got the ball like 3cm from our dead ball line, ran 15m, stepped 4 players, kicked the ball 40m and it was so high that I was able to run through and catch it but there was someone in front of me so i had to do a flip at the same time as I caught it then I sprinted another 20m to the fullback who was backpedalling cos he was ******** himself but him being there meant nothing because I fingered him off (instead of palming him off, i use my finger because its so strong)...anyways after that I scored. I do that all the time.

I'm heaps cool.
Covering fullback after ours got sucked into a ruck on the 1/2way line, they kicked a huge one and I chased it back to the 5 metre line. Picked it up and proceeded to step and hand-off every member of their team. So much fun...
I play #5 (1.85m 100 kg), an interception 30 meters the th ingoal i Started to run a handoff to the fullback and a shoulder charge to the wing that arrived at the last moment, and finally and espectacular dive in the ingoal
I ended up playing on the wing in later high school years but before that I played at hooker, I think my best try came while I was playing at hooker oddly enough. It was the first play, right from the kick-off against a team we'd always struggled against and never beaten. I got the ball right from the kick off and just gunned it down the side of the field, somehow I didn't get tackled until I was over the line and there it was, try in the corner. I guess they weren't ready to go for a run that soon. Good times.
Its not my story...its my uncles'...my dad told me...i just couldn't imagine...it's around in the years of 60's or 70's...my dad watch his brother playing rugby for his school...when the he try to score a try when the ball re-played from the scrum...with so less of luck...he hit the post...and fainted...hahaha...how could i imagine...its quite funny rite??hahaha...well..my
moment is not as good as U all...just a run from the 22 meters line from my side..got past everybody...make the opponent fullback 'flying' coz he can't grab me really tight..n then there's a try...hehehe...that's the best day of my life... :p
My first try, it was during our annual sports day at school and we were playing rugby in mixed teams but each team had a pro rugbyplayer init.

My mate passed the ball and the big guy came to chase me, he tackled me, I felt, scored a try and pult my pants up again :) We won with 15 points difference :cheers:
We were playing State Of Maorigin at school when I was 14 years old and I bumped off one of the boys who at the time was over 100kgs and I was only bout 60-65kgs. I only ran about 10-15m metres after bouncing him but it seemed like a hell of alot more to me. Then after scoring I had to go home because I had the meanest bruise on my arm.

One of the boys was playing Town & Country and the ball was kicked into his ingoal and he went to tap it down for the 22 kick but our teacher was being a egg so he awarded an own ingoal try lol. What a dick hahaha

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