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Cars You Would Ride With



Hello everybody, I was looking for Cars in our TRF but couldn't find and decided to create

Well what about me:

I'd like to ride on this car:


What about you guys
Can't say vehicles are my area of expertise - mainly because I can't legally drive yet >.> - but as long as I can remove the roof of the car and take in the Sun on the side of a winding cliff overlooking the seaside then it's all good. ;)


I wouldn't say 'No' to one of those to be honest, though. :p
Can Girls react too Lekso, or is this a male only topic? :p


If possible, I'd love driving A Suzuki Swift. Tiny Car, but it has most of what I need, 5 doors, the back of my car is where my rear window is, so I know how far I can go when parking, it doesn't use too much petrol, and it's bright red, so people will see me better in traffic. Which is particularly handy now that people decided that certain traffic rules no longer apply to them.
High Performance Jap - R34 GT-R skyline

Aussie Muscle - VE SS-V

Oldskool euro - ferrari 308 gts

British - ford sierra cosworth RS500

...just to name a few :)
Any line of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution... always my dream car...


Then obviously....
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British - ford sierra cosworth RS500[/b]

Why set your standards so low?


a little bit of nostalgia there tehmite.. back in the 80's when turbo's were allowed in bathurst, the sierra cosworth rs500 was pitted against the R32 GT-R. sure the R32 skyline dominated for the 3 or 4 years they allowed it to run, i still respect ford for running the sierra, and for the ridiculous amounts of boost they would run in those things.

tony longhurst's beast

my mate just bought an R32 GT-R with over 300kw at all four wheels.... can't wait to see this thing

i also love these DR30 skylines that ran FJ20DET's

the driver is george fury and i have some footage of bathurst from the 80's where it started raining and the way he was driving in the wet before he changed to rain tyres. talk about opposite lock on every corner :D
I want to tell Laceta girls warmly welcomed on this topic without questions

Sir.Speed good taste, please ride me with you when you get that white "Devil"

Also thanks for posting Chevy brothers.

Here is my another favorite, beast from USA, even in NeedForSpeed this lady suffers me when riding:


<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (LeksoRugby @ Sep 24 2008, 08:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
I want to tell Laceta girls warmly welcomed on this topic without questions[/b]

With that in mind, some of the cars I will most likely never drive (I'm actually planning on buying my first choice up there, and yes, I know it's made of plastic :p), though I wouldn't mind taking these ladies for a spin (provided their engines have had an update, and seatbelts have been installed):




A car that can purr like a kitten beats any fast machine.
Agree Laceta cars must purr like big cats.

Look at this lady, I can hear her roaring like a hell's warrior, evil engine without feel of purity, just devastating the others


Italians know how to Create
I don't get it though, most cars posted here are lean mean sexin' machines.
Why the male infatuation with something like

That's just ugly, heavy, and the only lovely sound possible from a car like that is when it breaks down.
Plus, you just know that someone driving something as ugly and grotesque like that is compensating for something else.

The cars I dislike most are Beemers. Just because you're driving in a BMW doesn't make you a terrible driver who has no regard for anyone else using the same public infrastructure as you. But the odds that you're driving a BMW increase by how much of an ass (or assette, not sure if there's a feminine version of the word?) you are in traffic.

I could be wrong on the whole Beemer thing, it's something I noticed some time ago.
(another conclusion I made is that you reaaaaally want to avoid any vehicle driven by a woman whose vision is limited to everything between the dash and the steering wheel).
But a fast car is a safe car Laecta! If and when you need (want) to overtake, if you got powahhh, you can overtake in a flash, minimising any risk :rolleyes: . Seriously though, me reasons behind wanting something like a Skyline is what it can become, tune it to 600-800bhp (nothing stupidly silly like 1100, where it'll break down before you get anywhere), then find some rich w**er in their Ferrari and kick his arse (grated I'd need a fair bit of money myslef, but nothing like Ferrari territory). The rush of driving quickly (safely mind, I've never even come close to crashing) is something which gives you a real buzz, even sitting in a car knowing it can beat most of whats out there is also a great feeling.

For me a car is more than a tool to get from A to B, it's a hobby, a sport, most importantly some fun.

Edit: Forgot to mention, that Hummer is just stupid, anyone who drives one should be ashamed of themselves, that goes for 4x4 drivers who don't need them (no the school run doesn't count). I drive my dad's when I have to (he's a farmer, who tows sheep/cows to market), the car is always first choice.

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