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Cars You Would Ride With

Ariel Atom!


Aah Lamborghini Reventon only 20 of them made at a price tag of $2 mil. All sold out.
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Ariel Atom!

That car looks aweome. After watching that top gear episode I've wanted one. Doubt you can go faster for cheaper (mayb with a motorbike, but then you're likely to get seriously injured at some point).
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But a fast car is a safe car Laecta! If and when you need (want) to overtake, if you got powahhh, you can overtake in a flash, minimising any risk :rolleyes: . Seriously though, me reasons behind wanting something like a Skyline is what it can become, tune it to 600-800bhp (nothing stupidly silly like 1100, where it'll break down before you get anywhere), then find some rich w**er in their Ferrari and kick his arse (grated I'd need a fair bit of money myslef, but nothing like Ferrari territory). The rush of driving quickly (safely mind, I've never even come close to crashing) is something which gives you a real buzz, even sitting in a car knowing it can beat most of whats out there is also a great feeling.

For me a car is more than a tool to get from A to B, it's a hobby, a sport, most importantly some fun.

Edit: Forgot to mention, that Hummer is just stupid, anyone who drives one should be ashamed of themselves, that goes for 4x4 drivers who don't need them (no the school run doesn't count). I drive my dad's when I have to (he's a farmer, who tows sheep/cows to market), the car is always first choice.[/b]

Would you be one of those people who overtake rather dangerously, just to show you can, to stand at the red light, right in front of the car you overtook? I find those people hilarious XD

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I wonder how many bugs you'd unknowingly swallow why driving that :p
Look at her, aggressive, ruthless, savage engine leaving no chance for others

She is black and roars like a big cat

Amazing creation, adorable:

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Would you be one of those people who overtake rather dangerously, just to show you can, to stand at the red light, right in front of the car you overtook? I find those people hilarious XD[/b]

Nope, never overtake unless it's safe. I find the people your describing wa**ers, a car is basically a one ton weapon in the hands of idiots who do stupid things. As I've always maintained that speed doesn't kill people, doing stupid things does. Imo not keeping a gap on the motorway (which is annoyingly almost impossible as somone just fills it!) is more dangerous than exceeding the speed limit (within reason, doing 90-100 for example when the motorway is clear can be ok), I know how to control a car at those speeds, I know not everyone does, so I agree with the speed limit and very rarely axceed 80mph (uses waay to much fuel over that anyway), don't get me started on people who undertake!

A car can be a safe way to travel even at speed, if it is driven in the right way compared to the conditions. I never drive "on the limit", I always drive within myself.
I don't know what undertaking is, or driving on the limit. The miles have a me a bit confuzzled, but other than that you make excellent sense.

The fastest I ever drove was 150km/h at 5am, but that was an emergency (getting a passport to an airport in time), and I only drove that fast where the lights were on (there are lights along every little bit of motorway in belgium), and I don't think my driving skills were ever better then that night. I sort of pitied Frankie though, she's not used to being handled like that. Other than that I always drive as much as I'm allowed to drive, though that seems to **** some people off.

Another car I wouldn't mind driving in once:

Old-timer Fiat 500, I actually fit in that thing!
agree dullonien

I also dislike mad driving, it happens that someone's dishonest behaviour kills others that's terrible

But when I look at these ladies I become bewitched
Oouch melon here we come together :cheers:

This is the god of cars

I am not to comment this engine

Yeaaaah!!!! the magnificient ca it is

Actually USguys know how to engineer the really cool cars

Look at them



If this topic was The Engine You Would Like To Move With I would post these butterflies, legendary engines


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