Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jimmy44, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Hi Locks,

    Could you tell us what the difficuly levels are like on single player. i.e. how does hard play like? Is normal too easy?

    also one more Q, and sorryI think I might have asked this elsewhere. Can you not extend the kicking distance with the direction button or analogue? You could do this in 2004.

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  3. maddog79

    maddog79 Guest

    yeah u did ask them both in another thread
  4. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    I know sorry, just thought difficulty was important so warrented another thread.

  5. Springbokfan

    Springbokfan Guest

    Jimmy i have spoken to locks about it. He said that it is difficult but there is one way to beat everybody 50-0 . Well im not gonna give it to ya cause then i'd be spoiling the game for everyone. But and i quote " With out it I couldn't even score 1 try"
  6. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Thanks for this springbokfan - sounds pretty depressing to me. firstly I don't want to beat all the oppostion by 50 points on hard level. I really want a challenge!!! (without it being impossible). This tactic you speak about sounds like a floor in the game or bug that you can exploit to score tries easily.

    Locksey any chance of shedding a little light on difficulty levels?

  7. Springbokfan

    Springbokfan Guest

    Jimmy. Don't get me wrong Locksley said that AI on Hard is very very well done sooo dont feel depressed.

    But there is a certain way of running and passing that makes life a little bit more easier. Hey dude its the new rugby sheesh gonna play it stukkend still.
  8. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    thanks again! do you know if this passing and running 'trick' really makes it possible to beat everyone by fifty points? This doesn't seem like much fun to me!

    Maybe this was just an exaggeration?? Does it make it easier but its still very hard.? sorry for all my Q's but its quite worrying!!
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    True! This is a bit of a worry! It sorta reminds me of the "spread the ball to the wing and then do a lare cut out pass back on the inside" trick on 04...
  10. Springbokfan

    Springbokfan Guest

    I understand that it is a great concern believe me, i dont wanna beat the all blacks with japan 50-0. But locksley said that it does make things easier. Im also concerend because i freaken hated 04 and 01 because all i had to d was run left and pass right the whole time. I just hope that its sumthing that isn't going to kill the game. I wish i could tell you guys more but i dont have the game and like you guys im stuck with me finger up me aaaaa hehehhe
  11. jiklos

    jiklos Guest

    when can we have ze demo?
    somebody haves a date?

    Toulouse fan. [​IMG]
  12. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Please please locks any feed back on difficuly levels???? I just want to know what its like on hard level.

    Is it too difficult or easy?

    I've heard its very difficult until you learn a few tricks with the running and passing, and then it becomes rediculously easy.

    Have you sussed the kicking yet - does the analogue stick not increase the distance?

    Thanks for all your help
  13. umosay

    umosay Guest

    He said its too... easy

    Although he found it hard at first - he's figured it out and now he's beating teams by 50-0 on medium...
  14. so on hard its a lot harder then?
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