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EA Rugby 2008 Discussion Thread

Yes that is likely to be the excuse of many.

It wasn't nice being sort of instructed to give up on hoping for a new ***le. Although I don't think it was EA or HB who did that.
well technically speaking the release date is very premature - nov2007

thats not a good marketing window to rugby

if its delayed (which we all know it will) to december or even January2008.....then its pretty much another year down the track, which means no game for 2007.

IMO if they miss the RWC window of August..........they wont release the thing until the 6Nations 2008.

I still believe Locksleys post of dont get ur hopes up....coz technically he is right..........and going by previous gaming release windows, this wont come to fruition until 2008.

Or perhaps EA/HB can pull there thumbs out and release before RWC

Or perhaps, like i said the other day its a RWC edition.....rushed for RWC window, ported to X360, because the marketing oppportunity durting RWC is a huge thing to get amongst.

We havent heard jack yet..........the hive is buzzing..........NO **** U DUMBASS RETARDS, GIVE ME SOME FARKIN HONEY
Well, I'm hoping there's online play. So I can show you AK, why us Kiwis are ranked No:1 in real rugby, lol.
Well, I'm hoping there's online play. So I can show you AK, why us Kiwis are ranked No:1 in real rugby, lol.


You must be hoping they have the Pre-professional Era World Cup draw then :p

And if its any reflection on the 2007teams...........you'll be struggling in S14 with the resting policy

I'll let you be Brumbies........I wont tell anyone :bleh!:
ill go Crusaders and still beat anyone here (except for those people that would beat me) :)
The only thing you'll be beating Woosaah, is something we'll neva see!!!!

I hope......
Hopefully they just port Rugby 06 onto Xbox 360 etc, and make it online, don't need to arse around with anything that would delay its release...
well some good news at last. rugby 06 is a good base to work from and online play would be awesome. I am not sure if this is still true but ea used to call games released after july of that year with next years date so like if fifa came out after july it would be called fifa 2008 and before it gets called fifa 2007. they may however have since scraped this and gone for something more normal where if it releases in the year it gets that year on the ***le.
I think the first one still seems to be holding true. I'd guess that anyway.

On features that would be cool, I'd definitely like to see online gaming in both single and co-op. Co-op tourney's now that'd be something worth seeing.

Is this going to be the year where we see the NPC and Currie Cup? Who knows but I'm going to guess that we'll see at least one of them. To me the timing looks (if release time-frame holds) like they didn't get the World Cup license, as the IRB will have that at top-price. If they didn't get that, they maybe might add something else, like they did with the Guiness Premiership. That additive may be another provincial comp like the NPC or Currie Cup?

Here's hoping. What would everyone else like to see?
Agree NPC and Currie Cup would be great. What else I'm not sure, any ideas guys?

Now I need to finish paying for my stolen 360 so I can slap another one on HP... Roll on April.
I would love to hear something from EA about this being Cross-Code....

How revolutionary would that be... also with the ability to convert players from codes...

It would be immence
I’m not willing to part ways with $120 bucks for a half arsed game just so they can get it in time for the W.C. It’s like playing rugby or drinking for me Go hard or go home, I would rather they delay the release and tweak the A.I. (This is a must), graphics (Optional, although for 360 a must) or even change the controls, make it similar to Madden Offensively in terms of stepping and fending & the turbo button being a bump off as well as speed burst. Defensively use the right stick as a hit stick & if timed wrong will result in a dangerous tackle. If this was all implemented I would pay double for it!!

Leagues it's is a must that they include Air NZ Cup & Currie Cup, Guinness Premiership.

Need to scrap world league and come up with something else, start fresh with a manager mode even something remotely close to FIFA would be a good start.

Looking forward to seeing some more info on it, No wonder why HB studios wouldn't answer my fifty something emails both to info and job application email addresses. They have been pretty tight lipped about this game.

Ps. For GODS sake can they hire someone who knows something about rugby to do the players attributes and have more than 3 pos. 4 or 5 would be great. There is a lot of versatility these days (Especially with the Kiwis). B)
Why the question mark after the post ***le locks ? There is no question about it. Have also heard from sources other than yours that this game HAS indeed been squished. There is far too much work to be done on 360 and ps3 and apparently EA just cant justify it at the moment. 360 and to compound matters ps3 have hit at the wrong times for us rugby fans.
Its exciting next gen times not niche sport past gen times.


PS Locks, when are you bringing you little wii round for me to laugh at ?

From the Rugby '07 cancelled? thread.

Just for laughs.

I was informed that 07 had been cancelled. I wasnt informed that an 08 was in development. Lets be honest you seem to have turned this into a personal issue between your good self and moi. I am absolutely delighted that there is a rugby 08. Couldnt care less if people think my info is shite etc. Just because I approach things in a different manner, I want a rugby ***le as much as you.

I have been around on many rugby forums for some considerable years. I certainly dont think my love of rugby games should be in question so from my point of view at this very moment in time we are all winners.

Fantastic news. !!!!

P.S I will let you know what its like as soon as I can. ;)

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