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Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by An Tarbh, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. An Tarbh

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    Leicester travel to a rejuvinated Edinburgh side full of confidence having climbed to third in the table in the Magners League. The Tigers aren't exactly in poor form following their dismissal of Harlequins last weekend so we're certainly set for an intriguing tie at the graveyard that is Murrayfield.

    Edinburgh will be relatively confident of derailing the Tigers qualification hopes which are struggling given the position of Toulouse.

    Not the easiest one to call this, your thoughts???
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  3. We seem to have a habbit of raising our game at home in the Heineken Cup, and given how we're playing I'm quietly confident we can take something from this game.

    If our lineout is as steady as it was against Cardiff, and with Kerr returning our scrum should go back to the level it was at before, we can keep possesion and play the running game that we've done well with so far. That's not to say we won't want a bit of grunt, and we have the pack to do it now.

    Really should be an interesting game.

    Hopefully they open up a fair few turnstilles more than at the Glasgow game and as a season ticket holder, I can sit in the middle of the stand instead of away in the corner.
  4. Otger

    Otger Guest

    Very difficult for the Gunners. At least, we're playing at Murrayfield. But I've seen some Tigers' matches lately. They're improving by the second with a full squad.

    Anyway, let's hope Edinburgh young (and not so young) guns give us something to cheer! :bana:
  5. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Well they certainly did if the result is anything to go by, big question is now can you Leicester or Leinster a favour and get a result in Toulouse, confidence should be sky high.
  6. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    A really good result for Edinburgh which will only add to confidence already in the camp. Pretty much Leicester out of it now thanks to that result and i wouldnt be surprised if another upset could happen in Toulouse but as Touslouse are currently top of this pool they will be slightly harder to beat, especially away for home.

    Good luck Edinburgh it'll certainly add to Scottish Rugby if you do beat Toulouse.
  7. Not really that surprised by this result.Edinburgh have beaten alot of good sides recently and at home they are extremely tough to beat. But what about Leicester, how is it possible to win 39-0 at home and then by the sounds of things be outplayed and ultimately outscored just on a different pitch which is basically empty. Anyway two good victories for the Scottish sides today, going to be hellish in France though..
  8. Yep, what a performance especially in defence. Just goes to show the difference Robbo has made, espeically with our defence. It's fast and aggressive, and we didn't allow Leicster any time on the ball. Our lineout was dissapointing and our scrum was under alot of pressure but our pack played really well under alot of pressure. To keep a clean sheet against last years runners up and a team who beat us 39-0 a few months back just shows how good a side we've become.

    I thought Blair was impressive again, Godman continues in this form and De Luca will be wearing the dark blue 13 jersey before too long!

    All in all, a great performance. A tough task ahead next week, but it is not impossible.

  9. True to an extent but ultimately a 44 point swing is also down to Leicester's poor mental attitude going into the game and during it. Loffreda hasnt impressed me so far with the Tigers, there are certainly communicational problems there.
  10. Just had a thought...Was Gissing's sin bin not a bit unfair? I mean he deserved to be binned for throwing punches, but it takes two to fight does it not? It didn't have much of an outcome on the game but it may well have done.
  11. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    Edinburgh beat Leicester? WTF?

  12. You call yourself a rugby fan? :p
  13. Otger

    Otger Guest

    Well, I think it was worse than basically empty. I had the impression that there were more Leicester fans than Edinburgh's. :(

    This is very telling of the situation of rugby in Scotland. A real pity!

    But great game, anyway. As Edinburgh Gunner says it was an impressive defensive display, especially in the last 15 mins after Ford's try.
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