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FA'ATAU82's MegaUpdatePatch Talk Thread



anyone elses game running faster /better with this update on ? (certain graphics are a little crazy but still!!)
hey mate, ive been trying to download all day but it keeps saying all spots are busy, i even signed up!!!!
Not being rude, but can none of you three posters read my message i left at the bottom of the page?

@ Aymane - I released the patch with the Clermont i tested. The finished version will be here in a few hours.

@ JamesBrown - Have no idea why your game is running faster.. i noticed this when i played too. Maybe the files are smaller in some way than the ones i'm replacing.

@ ssn - The file has worked for me all day. Try again today and see if it works.


I will make a talk thread for this seperate now. You CAN post all talk about MegaPatchUpdate in there.
Hi guys.

As you can see i released a large patch that already has a lot of files that i have made or others have made all in one patch.

The patch is far from complete in areas and will probably require many more files to be added to entirely patch the game.

The pinned thread is purely for releases of my updates.. these can be updates from others on your behalf. It just makes sense to have it all in one place without pages of talk in it.

This is why, after using the MEGAUPDATEPATCH and it's updates, we can talk about the progress and what is being done and what needs doing in here. Then everyone knows what needs to be done and myself and other modders can keep track of what is what.

It should stop endless threads about 'has this kit been done' and 'why does the game do this' kinda thing.

So, here we go. V1.0 MEGAUPDATEPATCH has these following corrections to be made and files to be added.


- All Minikits for teams that have new kits (most of them RWC and European clubs)

- Score Overlays and menu flags in graphics files (I have done everything else)

- New Kits USA, Japan, Namibia and Samoa Away (i will do Samoa away)

- Castres 2007-08 Kits if they ever release a photo of it..

TO BE CORRECTED: (things i have done that need completing)

- Biarritz Away Kit numbers.

- Bourgoin kit numbers

- Wasps home (shoulder line fix only)

- Gloucester Home and Away (shoulder line fix only)

- Bristol Home Kit (allsorts of line fixs only)

- Worcester Warriors Home and Away kitbacks with Coral Numbers (i will do)

- Clermont kitback fix (done, to be released today)

- Bath minikits (i did them they look very poor)

That's the summary of what needs doing that i can think off the top of my head. Things to do with the roster are seperate and Ciais is dealing with that. Please don't post anything about player appearance or stats as Ciais is already making the roster and has every major appearance error and stats under control.

Please DO post here if you find any problems with anything in my patch, or anything at all.


Otherwise me and Ciais will come and kick your ass. :lol:
Yes, we'll do!!! :rahh: :p

Gary, your roster is great, thank you for that one

I played an entire RWC to see if maybe the banners appear in the knockout stages, but nothing. Unfortunately, I stupidly lost the final (and didn't save the game before playing it), so I can't tell if the game use them as part of the victory celebrations. So is the RWC pitch logo you modified with Sky Sports, the game doesn't use it, but again, maybe it does in the celebrations. Today I'll try again (and win the cup, I promise)

I'm currently modifying the basic menu and game graphics (like EA Trax or the cursors), it's not 100% easy but I'm doing my best

I found out how to modify the texts layout, like the positions of the popups, but it's really hard to decode and edit them, so I can't promise anything

As soon as torortotoy finds me the songs, I'm gonna update the songs played when a try is scored (I hope, maybe it won't work like the anthems)

That's it, for now :)
Thanks Pageski.

Looks identical to the 06-07 kit. I think i'll leave it as it is, or leave it until very last.

I have just finished the Bourgoin kitbacks, so they will be added to the V2.0 update.

@ Fran - If you can't edit those things, don't worry. Gameplay and graphics matter the most i think. But if you can improve things, be my guest.

Personally, i'd work on the roster. My roster is very up to date as it could be, there might be a few transfers like Di Rollo to Toulouse (why??) Cedric Rosalen to Perpignan, and Lucas Borges to Treviso from Stade Francais.

I know a couple of players have retired since, like Brian Lima so you can probably write over them and add extra players.
Thanks Eric. I will check out Castres Kits again in the game and compare if there is any difference..

I have just completed a minor fix for Leicester's home jersey, where the lines on the sleeve were not in proportion. All fixed and added to MUPv2.0
Ok, I will be uploading corrected files to the pinned MegaUpdatePatch thread in a few moments for the following kits..

Perpignan Home and Away 2007-08 revised by Eric
Clermont Home and Away 2007-08 kitback fix by Fa'atau82
Bourgoin Home and Away 2007-08 kitback fix by Fa'atau82
Leicester Home 2007-08 minor sleeve fix by Fa'atau82
Newport Dragons Home 2007-08 kitback fix by Fa'atau82
Biarritz Away 2007-08 Revised Kit by Fa'atau82
Llanelli Scarlets Home and Away kitback fix by Fa'atau82


I haven't tested them, but i'm sure they will be fine.
Thank you for your wonderfuls kits!
A problem with Bristol: All players have number 1.
Thankyou, it will be fixed. I am getting round to finishing all of my kits.
Thanks for all the hard work guys - that's just AWESOME - it really makes a huge difference!
mate im still having no luc, its saying all spots busy please wait! the thing is i just left it waiting for 10hrs while i was at work and nothing!!!!!!1 any ideas really want this patch can you upload it any where else??
@ ssn - That's odd. What browser do you use? Are you using Firefox?

Try Internet Explorer.

As far as i know Badongo doesn't have a 'queue' system.

I will try to upload it somewhere else. Is there anywhere that you have used before like filefront?
its odd mate i use badongo all the time, filefront would be cool thanx mate appreciate it!

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