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Going to a Game???



<div align="center">The Rugby Forum Needs You!!!
If your going to a game of Rugby, why not take your camera and take some pictures of the game...

And once you have taken your pics, upload them to the gallery...

We would like to have a selection of Fan pics which other members can view...

So come on Join in the Rugby Fun!!!
I'll get the ball rolling with some piccies from Waterloo v Bedford in October :




havent been keeping up with the techie updates of TRF, so can u kiuindly direct me to tihs gallery..

many thanks and may god bless you (all) in the new year
you really can't miss it...
its on the blue bar thing at the top slightly to the right...
Im going to the EDF final Leicster V Ospreys, ill try take some good pics and will post them on here!
Ive got a season at firhill - battery was gone on Friday but i'll try and get some good pics for rest of season (not sure how well light it willbe though as we play on friday nights.)
I'd love to, however, as I steward at all of the Leicester Tigers home fixtures, we have been told that we will be fired if caught with our mobiles! :(
Something to do with us being there for the fans, not the actual matches...

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