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Hattrick, the online football managing game


Kanko Krazy!!!
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Jun 18, 2010
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Do any of you guys play the online football managing game, Hattrick (www.hattrick.org) ?

I played it for years and decided to create a team again after I stopped playing with my previous team about 3 years ago.

I named my team Natal Sharks and created the kits now. Took me the whole freaking day but I think it looks alright ;)



Well, what do you Sharks-fans think? ;)
Never been able to get into football managing games (had a bash at "Football Manager" but barely made it past pre-season) - I don't know enough about players/tactics/football in general to play it properly :p

Those kits look quality though!
Tried it but didn't like it, play the cricket version though. Not been on that in ages now I think of it.
I am not really a cricket fan though ;) I only know you score points for hitting the ball but apart from that nothing
Just browsing the pic again and found myself giggling like a moron at the word "ontwerp". Bit like when I watched a Star Trek episode with Sweedish subtitles to see the word "warpfart". I'm such a child
I used to be part of this but then they redesigned it a bit which i didn't like then i left. May be tempted bak into it tho

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