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How Do I change the Type of text editor to use when posting

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Well with the upgrade we have an enhanced text editor, you now have the choice of using the Rich Text Editor or the Standard Editor, like we had before the upgrade...

So I guess you wanna know how to change it, well follow my steps and you will be able to make it your default text editor..

Step 1: Click on the My Controls link, if you cant find this then you need to look at the Member Bar, which is the light blue coloured, it is next to the View New Posts - My Assistant etc

Step 2: Ahh good you have found it, now if you look on the left hand menu, you have a section called Options, in there you can make a donation to the forum, change your email address and change your password. but the one your after is the Board Settings one, click on this.

Step 3:
After you have clicked on this you will get a whole list of options, to change some settings for yourselves, the section your after on this page is Posting Settings.

Step 4:
Now go to the Type of text editor to use when posting and change the drop down menu, to Rich Text Editor, and hit the Change my Account Settings button.

Step 5:

Now if you go to post you should have the WYSIWYG, instead of the Standard Text Editor..

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