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i n the words of teh mite






but i am not sure if his kdose is bleeding

and i cant see waht i am typing
Drunk forum typing is pretty rad....usually ends up like drunk calling however, you realise the next day what you did and instantly go into damage control :p
Part of me thinks I should delete the thread. But a bigger part of me really wants to see woosah's reaction to it. :)
uh whoops :) flatties decided to go to bed and i was all alone.

I had eben drinking sake and bourbon, got pretty hammered.

and my nose was bleeding, my keyboard is a bit red now eww.

awesome stuff.
Do I see a new TRFies award category on the horizon? "Most likely to post drunk on the forum." My nominations- Mite and woosah! So who is the drunkass champ? Let next year`s TRFies decide...
I believe i nominated that for one of the best threads.
And also that thread lead me to believe Mite is an evil, comic genius.
... not forgetting Prestwick`s "WHY HI THAIR SAILOR"....

Geez, this forum`s inhabited by a bunch of drunks. Go figure.
Why post when you're drunk?

I mean, where has the power of drunk e-mail gone? Where were the times you had to explain to your boss on monday why you sent him a picture of your rear end with the words 'KISS IT' underneath.

Never actually did that, but hoping someone will admit they did :p
I once told my boss he doesn't know the fist thing about the job during an Xmas party, if that counts?
I once told my boss he doesn't know the fist thing about the job during an Xmas party, if that counts? [/b]

Wonderful typo, at least I hope it is one :p

It's even better than mailing pictures of your ass, since it's face to face.

Anyone else nice humiliating stories about when they were drunk? Not necesarilly involving bosses or work.

(also, tiny remark, your grammar is a bit off, your auxiliary is in the wrong tense)
The owner of the shop i work in owns 2 other shops in Cardiff and after an xmas do i ended up sleeping with the manageress of one of the other shops.
I think she was 37 at the time. Her double DD's were pretty much the only things going for her...

...Southbound. :huh:
I once told my boss he doesn't know the fist thing about the job during an Xmas party, if that counts? [/b]

I pretty much said the same thing to my rugby coach/teacher last year while drinking. He didn't take it well and responded with some rather unfair jibes about my lineout throwing. I had a very valid point though.
yeah its brillient. wed nigh there in nweze4alntd.

got a mate from candita over. ... canadia... thas right/

anywa he due back rfriday.

heis job was paying not mine.

mos t if time i can type'

i love my job.

mite is the muster and being drink
When I'm drunk I just take a lot longer to post and the content is more volatile and straight to the point. I've only ever done it a handful of times, although when I'm really hammered bed just looks too tempting and that saves my sad drunken ass.

Although when I drunkenly msn Charlie, thats a different story. You have to react fast on msn and every bit of drunkenness comes through.

I have told my boss the same thing just this year and advised him that I could start up in competition to the business. I am now a stay-at-home dad, lol.

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