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Is rugby your favourite sport?


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Aug 30, 2015
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I'm going to assume so, this being "The Rugby Forum" and all... But if it's not, do tell what is. For me personally it's tied with hurling (a GAA sport). I'm not mad on Gaelic football but my God do I love hurling. To be honest I don't really watch the club games year round (don't really know anyone who does either), I only watch it when the championship starts up in the summer. Hurling matches, generally from the quarters onwards and nearly always in the final, are some of the most intense, fast paced, nail-biting dramatic events ever. ESPECIALLY when your county is involved! I'm pretty sure I've come close to having several heart attacks. It's different to rugby, where the tension and drama is a slow build up, whereas with hurling it's a forever changing high intensity game. It's not uncommon for sides to draw 12 times in a match. I love the insane skill involved, I love how there is hardly any rules, I love the athleticism (IMO hurling athletes are the best all-around athletes) and I love the fact that it's amateur, and that Croke Park can easily fill up to 85,000 when the finals are on. And I love/hate Kilkenny (they are literally the All Blacks of hurling)

It's such a contrast to rugby, so completely different, hence why I find it hard to choose one over the other.

I don't mind soccer but I never watch it. It bores me most of the time but if a really big match is on I'll watch it. I hate the fact that it's more popular than rugby in Ireland. Cricket bores me to tears. I really like MMA too but I never get the chance to watch it.

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Yes it is. However, within a hairline finish of rugby, is Test Cricket.
It probably is, but I also like football (nowhere near as much as I used to), basketball (same), ice hockey and Formula 1, although I don't even know why I still watch that one. I'm mostly watching football, though, since I can get more on TV. Also the NHL if I can.
Probably, Gaelic Football is very close though. I'd probably rank the enjoyment of Dublin's All Irelands higher than Leinster's HECs and about level with the Grand Slam though.
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I like most sports, with a special mention to MMA and Rugby League, but Rugby Union is head and shoulders above the rest for me.
Yup. To watch, next is football then tennis. In terms of to play, Rugby first, squash and tennis second.

I enjoy strength sports such as powerlifting, strongman and weightlifting too... but they can be difficult to follow.
Obviously I enjoy other sports too, but don't really follow them closely at all, although I'm finding myself following NFL more and more every year.
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i pretty much only like rugby, but i only got into it around 10 years ago. odd sport for me considering im 5'7 and im about 9 stone soaking wet haha
Rugby and ice hockey.

Previously I loved watching boxing heavy weight, but after watching the Lennox Lewis there is no one to ...

However, I look Povetkin fights.:cool:
For me it's rugby, then boxing, then soccer, then basketball, then tennis, then league. Don't really follow a lot else closely enough. Occasional NFL game. Can't force myself to watch cricket, netball or golf.
Rugby Union
Track and Field (we call it athletics in SA)
Test Cricket
ODI Cricket
Rugby 7s

In that order are the only sports I'll pro-actively look to watch.

I don't like to watch 20/20 Cricket but I'll play it and I enjoy playing soccer as well but I can't sit through watching games unless its World Cup finals. I'll also only watch Golf or Tennis at its pinnacle but I like the sports.

You might find it strange for a contact sport enthusiast but I abhor watching boxing or any 'fighting' sport. Field Hockey and Netball are relatively big in SA but its not for me. I tend to get the idea its only the English South Africans or those who can't take contact who'd opt for Hocky over Rugby in SA. Its either that or Soccer. My school didn't offer Soccer though but I did play a bit at Uni level. In SA you play sport for your school rather than clubs like in Europe. Though I think that's changing. At least I see Soccer is getting kids into clubs in my area (where the schools generally don't offer it).

We don't really have any access to it in SA but I think I'd actually like American Football and Baseball if I got into it. Does Poker count? I love Texas Hold'Em.
It's ice hockey with me, TBH.

Now we are robbing the NHL, they do not recognize our contracts and entices players ...

But since the NHL and Canadian national team won the team of the USSR have long no one can win.


Welcome to the club, comrade!:cool:
Now we are robbing the NHL, they do not recognize our contracts and entices players ...

But since the NHL and Canadian national team won the team of the USSR have long no one can win.


Welcome to the club, comrade!:cool:

Yay ! :)
What team / league do you follow ?
I've got to admit, I am a huge Baseball fan as well, it probably shares 2nd place with Rugby with me... ;)
Maple leafs *****es.


Rugby outright favourite and then I follow teams in most sports (Except baseball and cricket boring outside Ashes).

League - Wolves and Rabbitohs
NFL - Saints
Basketball - Bulls
Football - Leicester City
AFL - Swans
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Rugby is head and shoulders above anything else.
NFL has really crept up to possibly second place ever since I started following the Raiders joined by Gaelic Football which while I don't take an active interest in, but Dublin games can really drag me in. Total bandwagon though. Hurling comes next but it doesn't hold my interest hugely. The odd game of soccer would interest me if Ireland were playing.
1. Rugby Union - Pontypridd, ASAP, Wales.
2. National Hunt Racing
3. Rugby League - Cas Tigers
4. Boxing.
5. Aussie Rules
6. Gaelic Football
7. Hurling.
8. Trotting Racing
9. Motor Bike Road Racing.
10. Flat Racing
11. Cricket.

Can't stand -:
American Football

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