Jake White leaving?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by jannie, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. jannie

    jannie Guest

    What do you think Jake is going to do...stay with SA rugby or going somewhere else?
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  3. henkie

    henkie Guest

    I think he will go somewhere else, must be tired of all the politics
  4. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well, it`s official- the worst-kept secret in SARU`s proud tradition of poorly-kept secrets is finally out, and Jake`s been given the boot, officially. Apparently he didn`t apply for his own position in time- lol!

    So once again SARU proves themselves the most capable rugby administration in the world to shoot themselves in the foot. I reckon that someone just needs to get Regan Hoskins a 12-gauge South African Sweeper shotgun, then he`ll only need to do it once, instead of several times. And if his foot is clean off, he can`t shove it so competently up his big piehole either.

    And the best part is some of the reasons given by some of the big shots at SARU- ranging from White and John Smit getting too big-headed, to White still being loyal to Brian van Rooyen.

    But anyway, small men with big egos at SARU aside, the unofficial official shortlist for his replacement has been revealed, unofficially of course. In the true SARU tradition of poorly kept best-kept secrets. They are Heynecke Meyer, current head honcho of the Bulls, who has by all accounts done plenty in the land of the light blue to bolster his claims. Could be very good at the job, if he doesn`t succumb to the temptation of playing guys like Wannenburg and Hougaard!

    Also Pieter De Villiers, very successful SA u/21 coach, who guided the Baby Boks to 3 successive u/21 RWC finals, winning 2. Also, he can add to his CV the fact that he`s worked extensively with the likes of Habana, Fourie, Spies, Pienaar, Pietersen and Ralapelle at age-group level, and these guys will form the backbone of the Bok challenge in 2011. My personal choice for the job, although it would`ve been preferrable to have White in the driving seat until 2009, with De Villiers as his 2IB until then.

    The other 2 candidates should really be non-starters. Incumbment backs coach Allister Coetzee, who did f-all of note with the Bok backline, until Eddie Jones showed up prior to the RWC. And iconic 95 RWC-winning winger Chester Williams, whose coaching CV looks a bit bare. An admittedly successful stint with the 7`s Boks, followed by less than glorious stints as assistant with the Lions and the low-flying Falcons, as well as a consultancy with Uganda, which didn`t help them much in their RWC 2007 qualifying campaign,

    So who will be the next Bok coach? Will he last a full 4-year term? And who will next take SARU to court, claiming that they should`ve made it? And when will that imbecile Andre Markgraaff be put on a committee to investigate whether the committee that approved the sub-committee of the first committee involved with the setup of the unofficial official shortlist, did a thorough job. Unofficially official, of course! Answers on an old cigarette packet please gents.
  5. Even although the Springboks are my second favourite side after my home country they dont deserve to get anything in terms of silverware again. The disgraceful treatment of arguably their best coach ever has been astounding to watch. They had him on his way out the door before the champions were even back from France. White has snubbed Wales and Australia so it looks likely he will take over the England job.
  6. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well it`s not exactly the player`s and the fan`s fault hey. So what I believe we really deserve is a new management at SARU. On yer bike Regan Hopeless, Little Brother Stofile and Doos Basson. Please. Because the 3 of them is a total embarrasment to both themselves as well as the rest of the rugby-loving public in SA.

  7. I never said it was, its just dissapointing that South African rugby keeps shooting itself in the foot. White took them from being a dreadful side in 02 and to a lesser extent 03 to the worlds best team so some heads will need to roll in the Saffa rugby board.
  8. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    In full agreement wrt needing a change of management. Believe me, nobody`s sicker of the constant in-fighting and small-mindedness of the little men at SARU than me. And the treatment of White was just the last straw that broke this camel`s back.

    I was responding to this statement: "... they don`t deserve to get anything in terms of silverware again." The administrators, definately not. The players and the fans, who have to sit through this type of shite day-in and day-out, well we deserve better. As does Jake White.
  9. That was more a spur of the moment type comment, i will still be supporting the Boks in the tri nations next year and of course hope they win it. The way the SARU treat the national team and coaches though means to an extent they deserve nothing but i certainly dont wish it on them.
  10. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Cheers mate, once again trust me I know the feeling. SARU seems to be the one organisation in the world who can turn even discovering a cure for cancer into a PR disaster.

    But unfortunately, what`s done is done, so which one of the 4 unofficial officially shortlisted new Bok coach candidates do you guys reckon should take over the poison chalice that is the position of Bok coach?
  11. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    Well it's got to be either Heineke Meyer or Peiter De villiers, if either Allister or Chester williams get the job I will have to get into the habit of hiring proffesional hitmen, and while they're at it I'll let them take care of the morons in SARU as well.

    nothing against old Chester, but good gosh he's been horrible at coaching, the Pumas were completely useless, not even the Valke play that bad (hell the Valke at least put up a fight or two).

    From what I hear De Villiers would be an excellent coac with his tally in the age group worl cups, didn't Jake do the same thing ?

    Heineke meyer also an excellent coach, would actually be kinda nice to see him move on to the Springboks and maybe give us men from the cape a bit of repose eh ?

    Wonder who'll become the Bulls Super 14 coach then though, maybe Pote ?
  12. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Ja, I reckon that if Heinecke gets the job, we`ll see Pote taking over the reins at the Bulls. And we might just see a certain mr. Hougaard standing 20m behind the gain line in a Bok jersey on a regular basis.

    My personal choice would be for Pieter to get the head coach job. Jake won 1 u/21 RWC, and got to another final in his 4 years in charge, whereas Pieter got 2 consecutive wins as well as being losing finalists in 2006, having beaten the Baby Blacks in the semi. So his record at u/21 level is actually better than Jake`s, and he`s worked with a lot of excellent youngsters that are already capped RWC-winning Boks, who`ll make up the backbone of our 2011 assault.

    But I`d also really want Heynecke involved, as the forwards coach. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Meyer knows a thing or 2 about the dark arts of the scrum, rolling maul, ruck and lineout. Hell, just look at the way they breed awesome tight 5`s over there in Pretoria.

    Encouragingly, both men seem to have a great love of the game, and a great desire to bring the best out of Bok rugby. Is it too far-fetched to imagine the 2 of them working together for the Boks?

    Hmmm, with the idiots at SARU, imagine Chessie to get the forwards job, Rudi Straueli to make a comeback as backs coach, and Andre Markgraaff to use his influence on the President`s Council to get the head coach job. And Mike Stofile to be the new conditioning coach........ :angry:
  13. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    I know alot of Bull supports who don't dig Pote as head coach, but we all know they just arrogant and expect thier team to win the CC even when half thier squad was in FRANCE :rolleyes: ! I'm kinda indifferent about who gets coach between Pieter and Heyneke. The only critisism i've heard for Pieter is that he doesn't have club coaching experience and won't know how to make the Boks give good consistent performances week-in week-out. IMO that's rubbish, like you pointed out BokMagic, he has taken the same path as Jake basically. If not longer. And now everybody has made Jake out to be a god. Don't get me wrong, Jakes great, but the public are whistling a very different tune after the WC than before it (Especially when Jake stated he was 'building' for the WC). Which is understandable, with the dog press here, they blow up anything they can against the figures of authority.

    So either Pieter or Heyneke is FINE by me :cheers:
  14. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I wouldn't let QKXV see that post Stefano...
  15. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well a lot of them are arrogant ******** Prestwick. Maybe not all of them- but trust me, QK`s in the very small minority there, one of the 0.000001% of the good guys.
  16. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    Oh believe me I live in Centurion, smack dab in the middle of them.

    Bokmagic speaks the truth.

    I sometimes wonder how I got lucky with such a tolerable bunch of friends, most bull supporters are allmost impossible to speak to without them insulting you or your team in some way or another.
  17. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Stefano??? Don't be confusing me with your Italian gay lover mate :blink: .

    I've been thinking what people have been saying if Heyneke does take over. He loves Hougaard! Like Jake with Willemse... In that case, Pieter all the way!
  18. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well insulting you or your team is the least of the hassles I`ve had with Bulls supporters. Was threatened with grievous bodily harm by about 50 rather large Bulls supporting gentlemen over in Pretoria about 7 years ago. My crime? Shouting "Up the Province!" while we scored a try at the hallowed turf of Loftus.

    Ended up being chased down the street for 7 blocks after the final whistle. Coincidentally, Province won that game. :D

    On Meyer- look, as a forwards coach, the guy has no peers in SA, full stop. And he`s obviously very good at getting his teams to play for one another, as shown by the spirit in the Bulls camp. But I`m also concerned with his obsession with Liefling. The Bulls have a much better flyhalf in Morne Steyn, a player with a much better all-round game. Yet he sticks with Liefling, deep in the pocket and all.
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