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Jonah Lomu

Does Jonah Lomu make it into TRF Hall of Fame

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An Tarbh

So has Chiro convinced you, does Lomu become the first player to enter TRFs Hall of Fame.

Vote and Discuss now.
i say no.

as much as i respect his contribution to world rugby in his heyday, i think that there are other players that are more deserving that should be in our hall of fame before Lomu.
i wanna know whos voting no??

Jonah is without a doubt the most devasting rugby player of all time when he peaked

The BRADMAN of RUGBY :bravo:
Definately absolutely class player, one of the best destroyers of defences in the world.

Should be in the Hall of Fame.

While Chiro's post was decent, that wasn't what made me say yes.

Every rugby follower know's Lomu and what he has done.

People will remember some of his tries for a looong time. He had his bad moments, that's for sure, but his good moments were outstanding.

I'm not 100% sure but he seems to be known, if not had some influence, in the very small rugby nations, especially the Asian countries.
Yeah he should definitely be in

Dont know about the Bradman of Rugby AK ..... more like the Viv Richards of rugby :D
OK then Jonah becomes the first inductee into TRF Hall of Fame. :bravo:
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