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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by pip, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. pip

    pip Guest

    That a few of the pics show the Springbok fullback, Percy Montgomery I presume, taking a kick at goal.

    Thing is, Percy is a lefty

    ... Real heartening this... [​IMG]
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  3. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Yeah i noticed that too :/
  4. Im sure you will agree that things like that are purely cosmetic / added realism. They have had much work to do since Rugby 2004. The game could have been potentially a re - write. To be honest im hoping so as there wasnt really anything worth saving from 2004.

    Again core playability is the key and if the game plays well then things like left / right footed kickers will not be bothering us one bit.
  5. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Yeah... well they obviously didn't have to write the whole game up again - as FIFA had done most of the basics. The only things i can notice so far from Rugby 2004 are decidedly similar stadiums/stadium features
  6. I really do think that fifa is just a graphics engine though. Control AI etc everything apart from the way the graphics look would have to be written surely ?

    Really think there is more to this than just a paint by numbers.
  7. umosay

    umosay Guest

    In the 3dAvenue preview it states "They wanted to improve the AI and have done this by using the FIFA engine" or something along those lines.. i think they would have used more than just graphics
  8. Have to admit to not being 100% on this issue with the fifa engine so unless someone is more in the know its all a bit of a hit and miss discussion.

    Lest to say if the gameplay was of the same quality as fifa I would be on my knees thanking the lord.
  9. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    while I would normally look down on the gameplay of FIFA in comparison to the PES series, I'd join you on my knees thanking big J for anything of FIFA standard for R2005.

    Alterations to what foot a player uses should not be too difficult, a simple change in one statisitic should do it... perhaps the Creation Zone will allow us to do that kind of thing ourselves - we can edit exisitng players can't we? or can we just create new ones?

    so many questions, so little (definite) answers...
  10. locksley

    locksley Guest

    I just hope they've sorted out the embarrassing "All chase after the bloke with the ball" AI! That was cringingly bad! Not only that, it runied any kind of break you made!
  11. ohhhhh everyone chasing the ball. Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts... ohhh isnt it ... [​IMG]
  12. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    Mmmm, Marvellous

    that really annoyed me too, it's kind of amusing if you try really hard
  13. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Yeah, which in turn made all players bunch badly. eg. when you have a lineout the the winger won't go past about halfway! - so far in the vids it seems to look ok because their is quite a lot happening on the wings
  14. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    We need some in game shots to tell if the bunching is still bad. I remember seeing the first shots of Rugby 2004 in game and seeing the radar - we could tell they were all packed before we got the game.
  15. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    What about the fact that in the video the pre match anthem line ups have only 11 players per team... that would be a pretty seriously f*** up!
  16. umosay

    umosay Guest

    I'm pretty sure they've fixed it - going from the pic i posted in multimedia i can see 12 aussies lining up and the rest must be out of picture


    here it is again anyway
  17. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    They had Left Footed Kickers in Rugby 2004 didnt they? I they just didnt seem to include the option to create actually create left footers
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