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Los Lover Incident - The Second



Yeah, they have to deal with dickheads like Ripper who is always stirring and pulling people into an argument with him.

Oh no wait, he can deal with that himself.


what does ripper have to do with this. random comments by eric. why would ripper be stirring and causing trouble he is a mod surely he would be one of the most respected members in trf.

los is one person, last time i chekced they were a couple hundred people on this forum. maybe I counted wrong.


los is banned for 13 years!!!! and it will probably be extended....

he aint ever coming back


I'm trying to say as little as possible about Los Lover now, as this has taken up enough of my life as it is, but..

He would not allow us to moderate in peace.

Just because he had some good quotes doesn't make him immortal.

I don't like being abused, even on the internet.

I would say his life will be healthier for the next 13 years as he won't be working himself up threatening law suits etc.

And Eric, I know this Valentines day won't be the same. But. Calling us c***'s isn't nice. Unfortunately I can't prove what each * stands for.

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