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Michael Jones

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So what do we all think about Chiro's Nomination for Michael Jones, lets start the deliberations...

The Original article can be found here

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As I said in the discussion thread at the time (and got abused by Chiro for it for some reason) I don't feel confident in calling this one personally.

I know of him, but he's not a figure often talked about in England, and having never seen him play I don't want to say either way.
Yes, even for the fact he had 3 knee reconstructions, yet still managed to come back and take up his mantle as Undisputed Number 1 Flanker in the world. Many say Richie McCaw will be better, but he doesn't posses that X-Factor Jones did.

One of the best All Blacks of all time, and definatly without a peer worldwide.
After reading Chiro's article I will have to say a Yes to him, he sounds a legend of the game, and too come back from 3 Knee Reconstructions and still be playing at the top level of the game, deserves some kind of respect...

So from me its a YES!!!
It's a no for me, never saw anything that convinced me he had the wow factor, admittedly I only saw him after his injuries but that's how I call this one.
When did you see him... 1998? right after his third knee reconstruction? any year before that he was easily one of, if not the worlds best.
I'm going by the world cup in 91 and the Lions tour in 93, didn't see anything to write home about then.
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