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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by BOD=GOD, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. BOD=GOD

    BOD=GOD Guest

    Who do you think are some of the most underrated players in world rugby today?

    For me a major one is Gordon D'arcy, personally I think he is better than Giteau and Brian O'Driscoll yet many don't rate him as a world class centre. He always manages to break through lines and the opposition always seem to have an incredibly hard time putting him down, he always manages to gain yards. furthermore his tackling is outstanding.

    Another one that springs to mind is Dwyane Peel, excellent passer and breaker has speed, strength, skill everything you'd possibly want in a scrumhalf yet stil many in the southern hempishere don't regard him as one of the best scrumhalfs in the game today.

    Theres obviously loads more, lets hear them
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  3. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    i think david wallace is hugely underrated we really missed him against italy
  4. Tin

    Tin Guest

    David lemi is a name that springs to mind creates something out of nothing for bristol, although a bit more known now but still doesnt start for samoa often :S?

    roy winters is another, incredible work rate and good lineout skills

    olly morgan and anthony allen as well as both had decent games for england and good seasons for gloucester and both arent in the england squad

    the main name though is james simpson daniel, incredible player, yet not in the england squad ? :S

    there are more but im sticking with these for now :D
  5. RC

    RC Guest

    Anthony Allen - I saw this guy only a few times (both internationally and at club level) and he impressed me. The guy has bags of talent - very underrated.

    Gavin Henson - People claim he's a one kick wonder and an average player.
  6. Wlf

    Wlf Guest

    Without a doubt, Victor Matfield - South African Lock.
    He's a tremendous jumper in the line-out, a strong runner and a caption worth his weight in gold. Also happens to be a very nice guy (off the field) ;)
  7. BOD=GOD

    BOD=GOD Guest

    I would of thought he is very highly rated hes an excellent player
  8. AllezWasps

    AllezWasps Guest

    Simon Shaw.

    Amazing player, only now going to play in a World Cup.
  9. RC

    RC Guest

    Yeah, i can't agree that Matfield is underated at all.
  10. Wlf

    Wlf Guest

    I suppose it depends who you ask ;)

    In my opinion, most people view him very one-dimensionally as a jumper, but he plays a much larger role.
    So, uhm, yeah - I think he is rated, but not as highly as he should be - he is, in my opinion, probably one of the best all-round locks ever produced by South Africa.
  11. Wally is certainly underated
    Nick Evans is a very good reader of the game as well
    it really is a shame he will probably never get a decent run for the AB's
    Same story with Marty Holah
  12. Wlf

    Wlf Guest

    Hmm, I really find that quite interesting... maybe I just have the wrong perception of how Victor is viewed in the international arena.

    Crap - I'll have to do better! ;)
    Uhm... staying South African - what do you guys think of Jean de Villiers?
  13. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well, I do rate Jean as a pretty good international centre, maybe verging on being very good. But nowhere near the Big 3 test 12`s- Giteau, Jaunzion and D`Arcy.

    I think a lot of us SH people tend to underestimate Denis Leamy- he`s one of the most complete 8`s in world rugby, if not the most complete IMO.

    In NZ, a player that I have a huge amount of time and respect for, is Daniel Baird- sure McCaw`s the no.1 openside in NZ, but I can`t believe that he hasn`t had more opportunities to stake a claim for the second spot.

    Others that come to mind are Hassan for the Argies, Paterson for Scotland, who seems to be the answer to many a Dan Parks-inspired Scottish prayer for a cutting-edge 10, and funnily enoug Matt Dunning. Used to be the butt of loads of pie-eating jokes, but certainly proved his credentials this year in the tri-nations, standing up extremely well to two mean sons-of-bitches, Carl Hayman and BJ Botha.
  14. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Another grossly under-rated player IMO is Lawrence Dallaglio. I'm sure most English posters dont agree with me on this one but I think he still has what it takes to compete in the International arena.

    Like him or not, he's in the squad and he will go down fighting like a true warrior that he is.
  15. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    He'll go down fighting at 50 mins when he need to leave the pitch and take his old-man pills.
  16. rugby_roots

    rugby_roots Guest


    I think Alesana Tuilaga is the most underrated player right now, Tuilagi has really improved in his form and is at the peak of his carrer right now.
    He has been running over defenders lately and it takes about four people to take him down once he is on fire.
    He can hold his own both on offense and defense.
    A great combination of speed, power and pace.
    Truly an underrated center and player.

  17. Vossy

    Vossy Guest

    Already mentioned, but Simon Shaw is a fantastic player. Not given nearly enough credit and overlooked by England for far, far too long.
  18. rugbypassion

    rugbypassion Guest

    Nathan Sharpe is very underrated. He is a complete workhorse and has developed into a great leader in the Wallabies side. He adds alot of experience to the very young Wallaby forward pack and leads from the front. However, he tends to hang around in the backline alot and this is sometimes a costly factor.
  19. diom

    diom Guest

    Wallace is gettign alot more attention now than he used to, adn for good reason. He's easily one of the best back rowers in the world, right up there with McCaw.
  20. rugby_roots

    rugby_roots Guest EA sports Rugby 06..the guy is good...i use him in my squad.
  21. dabith

    dabith Guest

    I agree with the call on Nick Evans. He's not necessarily underrated but will not get the game time he deserves. The joy's of playing second to one of the worlds best i guess.
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