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MUP v.1.2 SEASON 2008-09

I'm going to ignore you from now on because you know nothing,calling rugby union manager 2012 a virus :e
2008-2009 Schedules for all tournaments (by Intercept King JdV)

*NEW* Base layers (by uli85)
1- CCC IONX white/light skin
2- Adidas FORMOTION compression shorts/light skin (replaced medium light skin)
3- Nike Pro black/medium dark skin
4- CCC IONX black/dark skin
Anyone know the filename of this? Please answer. Thank you.
Yes its in the rugby 10 patch
NO! if the Rugby 10 layers are black for having white skin, for L-medium skin and adidas are black and not very good, for those with D-medium skin is a layer that players wear australia and finally to the dark skin of that nose is a black mark well that is. So do not give me a lying friend. Now my question is: HAVE OR NOT THE RUGBY PATCH 09 MUP? Thank you.
Oh now I get it,your creating a player and your talking about the sleaves?

So you want to create an argentine player and give him addidas sleaves or whatever?

A lot of effort for such a stupid thing?
Why so much detail?
Can't your player wear any kind of sleave buddy?
Or use woosah's player editor,I can maybe email it to you if you give me ur email
looking pit. what I want players are white sleeves or just the way they are in the MUP 09 Patch, understand? thanks
Hi Guys, there isn't any working links to download those Mega update patch.... someone can post new links??
Please post back! Would help me a lot :(

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