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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jimmy44, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. jimmy44

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    Is it just me or are ALL the points about the game in the last week been negative with regards to single player? I mean if its not one thing its the other. Just as a problem with the game comes up and we come to terms with it, another one comes along. I mean how many gameplay faults does rugby 2005 have? Just to remind you...

    Short distances of kicks
    Bombs and grubber kicks don't work
    Sidesteps, fends,hand offs don't work - on classic view (the one I want to play)
    tackling animations kicking in preventing you from passing properly
    Normal difficulty too easy/ Hard mode too hard
    flat footed receiver from the ruck
    minimal set play moves from the ruck/scrum/line out - and they don't work
    Automatic random rucks again
    Mauls don't work
    AI kicks all the time
    passes going to ground before the line is set - resulting in slow gameplay
    limited camera angles
    lack of breaks and 'running rugby' on classic view

    ...and thats just the gameplay issues. we havn't even seen the problems with regards to tournaments, player editor etc.

    I'm really not trying be negative here, but when you put all these problems together, how can this game possibly be any good? I know its better on multiplayer, but not ALL of us play these games on multiplayer.

    I just wonder what the next bad point will be? The game probably crashes every time you score a try!!

    Nice one HB, if only there was an award for c£$p game developing - you would be world champions every time!

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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    As long as it's better than 2004 I'll still be happy.
  4. sean43

    sean43 Guest

    Finally someone who is starting to see that this game is poor. People keep saying I dont have a clue and wait till I have played it, no!. You people are in denial just because you want a good rugby game to play-you aint got it this time.

    HB Studios are truly awful and EA should not use them again. And before someone says it wait till I play it, I am very confident that people will be on here in a months time saying how crap it is
  5. From Locks, in sean43s initial thread about the game being subpar a couple days ago:

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    The good thing is that R*gby 2**4 was released, and those that have played Rugby 2005 know this.

    Now, everyone is saying that 2005 is much better than 2**4, which apparently isn't saying much but it's a good step forward. I think how forward that step is is going to be down to the individual gamer after playing it, but aren't they saying it's better than 2001 as well?

    Honestly, I cannot see judgement being given till you've actually played it. Rent it/Hire it/Borrow it from a friend if you don't want to buy it, but definitely have a go on it yourself. I think some of the criticisms could be down to personal taste, but again, who can say?
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I have to give you your freedom of speech thingy.....I know what it is like being on the side who dislikes a game as I was against Halo 2 before it was released and used to get crap on those forums. In the end I was happy with some things and not happy with others.

    All of our opinions whether good or bad are worthless unless we are the elite few that have played the game. The rest of us are talking from an observational point of view and have not yet received the full experience.

    Let us wait till next month with our opinions and let those who have played it have their say.
  7. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    wen the game comes out why dont u buy it play it after an hour come back and there will be a thread waiting for u 2 ppl (sean43 and jimmy44)

    there u will be saying "this game is mad!!!! best rugby game evahhh!!!"

    then we will be saying "see see wat did we tell u b4 huh!!!"

    then u guys will say "please burn all the posts we said b4 we are very sorry!"

    and then we will say "leave our forum! leave i tell you leeeeeeeave"
    and then we will ban u for eternity

    *im joking bout the last sentence
  8. jonwebb

    jonwebb Guest

    Is this based on actually playing the game?
  9. Sorp222

    Sorp222 Guest

    Am expecting this game to be better than 2005 but still not a particularly good game. I will still buy it becuase it is rugby and i want to encourage EA to take this market seriously and throw some resources at Rugby 2006. Unfortunately i rememember the hype before 2004 and WCR and the nonsense that was posted about them - and the disappointment afterwards. I hope i am wrong but will not hold my breath.
  10. jimmy and sean, do you two know each other by any chance?
  11. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Let me put you straight on a couple of points!!!

    Short distances of kicks

    True! You can't do a 100 metre kick downfield, but they're not as short as I first thought!

    Bombs and grubber kicks don't work

    Hmmmm! Bombs aren't too hot, but grubber kicks DO work!

    Sidesteps, fends,hand offs don't work - on classic view (the one I want to play)

    Granted, steps aren't much cop on that view, but fends and shoulder charges work if you're in the right situation!

    tackling animations kicking in preventing you from passing properly

    Yes, this is a slight problem, but it's only really noticable on Hard mode

    Normal difficulty too easy/ Hard mode too hard

    Normal mode is much harder than the hard mode on Rugby 2004!!! Also, Hard mode is very hard, but I was wrong with my initial response! After extended play, you can find gaps, make breaks etc.... Still haven't won a game on Hard yet tho!

    flat footed receiver from the ruck

    True, but it doesn't annoy you as much as you think it would when you actually play the game!

    minimal set play moves from the ruck/scrum/line out - and they don't work

    There's 4 choices of set play. each with 4 variations! That gives you 16 different options at a set play! And, you're wrong, they DO work! The last part of that statement of yours simply can not be said when you haven't actually played the game!

    Automatic random rucks again

    Yes, they do seem automatic, but if you wait too long before passing and don't add enough men, you'l lose the ball! They're much better than 2004's awful rucks!

    Mauls don't work

    What do you mean?

    AI kicks all the time

    Not true!

    passes going to ground before the line is set - resulting in slow gameplay

    Not all the time! And anyway, you always have the choice to pick up with the number 8 or pass it to a forward while you're waiting for the line to get ready! That way, on the next tackle you can throw a long pass out cos the backs won't have been used on the previous phase of play and will be already set!

    limited camera angles

    I'll give you that one! True

    lack of breaks and 'running rugby' on classic view

    Again, not true! You just have to work harder!
  12. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    Yeah, tell 'em locks!! Guys, wait till WE'VE played the game before assuming to much!
  13. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Now thats more like it!! It just seems to me there are loads of mixed messages about single player. No offense to you Locks. I guess things change when you play a bit longer.

    I was just judging things on what I have seen and read about single player, which I think is fair enough isn't it? However, I havn't played the game so really my arguments should be taken with a pinch of salt. I suppose you could say that about everyone else's comments on this forum!

    I really hope come the 4th of March that all my negative points get blown out of the water!!

    Cheers [​IMG]
  14. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    I think locksley, your last post there should be the final nail in the nay-saying coffin...

    you've stated, in a pretty emphatic way, that the game does work - its not perfect - but it works and can be very enjoyable (on normal or hard), and for that I'm very grateful

    now ... lets all take a moment to think about those nay-sayers as we lay them to rest, deep (6ft +) below the surface... anyone care to say a few words?
  15. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Yes, get rid of people like you so we can have an active forum, with members who don't all have the same opinions.
  16. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    go read my other post jimmy before sniping ...

    under the thread " 2005 like 2004???? I don't think so! "
  17. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Apologies mate, had a bad day, terrible toothache [​IMG]
  18. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    no bother...

    I always took cocodamol (or cocodamine) for toothaches dude... its strong stuff, but if its painful enuff I think its justifed!

    (not that I condone the use of drugs of course!)
  19. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Yea thats good stuff - bloody Nurofen plus is useless. Went to the dentist yesterday expecting to get a few painkillers and check over, and they went and pulled it out! I'll be haunted forever by the sound of crunching bone and tooth OUUUUUCH!! [​IMG]
  20. Dude that sucks. Went to get a root canal a few weeks back and . . .

    it was one of the most enjoyable dental experiences I've ever had. Seriously. But before I went, the pain was evil. EVIL.

    Back to topic cause I forget if I addressed the single-player thing with ya. Singleplayer is how I'll be playing (don't think the wife fancies her chances against me). I've taken on board all the sentiments expressed and even if worse comes to worse, medium is to easy and hard is too hard, I think I'll still enjoy the game because it still appears to be fluid and fun. I could spank teams in Rugby 2001, JLR, etc but still found that I really enjoyed playing the game, all by my lonesome.

    It seems a definite improvement, and I've enjoyed the videos thus far, so we'll see how it plays when we get it, but I think it's gonna be fine. I might eat that last statement though.
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