Rl2 Constructive Criticism - Bad Points?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by locksley, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. locksley

    locksley Guest

    I'd be very interested to see what people actually find annoying or downright diabolical about RL2. Threads like this won't appear on the Sidhe forums cos they'll get deleted, so I thought I'd create one here.

    And, if anyone from Sidhe is reading this thread, then don't take it the wrong way. Maybe you could look at this thread and take it into account when, sorry, IF you are given the go ahead to create RL3.

    So, I'm going to disregard graphics etc as I couldn't really care if they're photorealistic if the gameplay stinks like a festering turd. Obviously, superb graphics and a sweet game engine would be brilliant, but I'd rather gameplay be fixed first.

    I'll start us off with my list of gripes.
    • Unresponsive control on the ball carrier
    • Too many tackles are made by the AI - Not enough human defending
    • Way too many Held up in goal situations
    • slow play the balls
    • dummy half scoot is just an animation. It needs to be a controllable one.
    • Camera angles - There isn't a REALLY good one. Behind and High are adequate, not great.
    • Bombs are useless - Camera angle too high up
    • Jumping for the ball - WTF????
    • You have to press Square about 50 times to get your player to put the ball down over the line
    • Too many knock ons - They need toning down, not turning off
    • Hammering X for momentum. Get rid of it. Just have a sprint button that works instantly.
    • The dummy is useless now
    • The side-step isn't very good
    • The "RUGBY LEAGUE 2" Splash screen...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH GET...IT...OFF
    • Passing is improved on RL1 but STILL doesn't feel right
    • PC Joypad configuration is awful and can't be fixed by omitting a redefine key option... why? There was one in RL1 for christs sake!
    I really think that if an RL3 is to be developed, then Sidhe need to start the game engine from scratch. They could really benefit from sitting down for a few hours with Jonah Lomu Rugby, Rugby Challenge 2006 and, in some ways, Rugby 2005 to see how each game captured the basic "Full control" of Rugby.

    It really is a crying shame, because Rugby League 2 had so much going for it, only to be let down by a barely improved control system than Rugby League 1. All the development budget and time seemed to go onto fancy player graphics, online and franchise modes. This to me was a real waste of time because:

    a - You only get to appreciate the good player models in cut scenes.... which are usually turned off!
    b - Online mode has some terrible lag issues
    c - Franchise is flawed with frequent injuries and the fact that ESL teams can't buy NRL players and vice-versa.

    Ok, rant over. Let's see what others think.
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  3. Ok.

    To be honest I think from SIDHE'S point of view this will be a much bigger success than RL1 because it has so much more on the box to attract the younger audience.

    Great recognisable graphics
    Loads of options

    The kiddies must be buying it in their droves.

    I think it will end up being a much bigger financial success for SIDHE and it may then be difficult for them to accept they did anything wrong. It is a business after all and if catering to the younger market means bigger bucks then why would they attempt to tap a maybe less lucrative market in us more experienced gamers ?

    Anyway onto the game.

    To be honest they need to go back to a blank playing field and only start to add oposition when they have the control right. They should be running up the touchlines, trying to put the ball down on a sixpence, turning back on the inside everything we will want to do when we get the game. Hell if you ask me they should then release this player control as a demo and ask people what they think. For my point of view somewhere between R2005 and RC2006 wouldnt be far off the mark.

    Still on player control its frightenting to think that SIDHE have played all the other games including WCR, R2005 and think THEIR control system stands up against the others. That is REALLY scary.

    The X for acceleration or as it was in RL1 for sprinting is a debatable point and I think the best method would be to have both tapping and just holding. I still play RL1 and the old tapping method really gets you going where your just like " If I could just press it a little bit faster I will make it to the line " but then while your concentrating on doing that you really have less control over what else you can do with your player. At least on R2005 you can be sprinting and looking around and maybe thinking of a step or fend. If an RL3 came into existence I would really like to play both and see what I thought. I think the hold would give the gamer far more control if a little less exciting.

    The wingers standing in touch was an absolute farce and again its a real head scratcher as to where this came from. Didnt happen in RL1 so why does it happen here ? Also your players will chase balls far more into touch and it really does potentially highlight the fact that this game was extremely rushed and they certainly fell quite some way behind schedule at some point.

    The dummy stinks and who came up with that animation needs to be shot. I think someone needs to REALLY be in charge of another RL project if it comes along as there seems to be far too many issues that have got through the net this time around.

    As a game I think RL2 stinks to high heaven and its on with RL1 for me on the xbox which I think boots RL2 way into the distance. I wont be getting over excited if they announce an RL3, not because im not interested because I so want a good Rugby League game it hurts. Its mainly because I have lost a whole lot of faith in SIDHE with the release of RL2. I was a major backer of RL1 and thought what they did for a first effort was nothing short of incredible. I expected an absolutely jaw dropping sequel and yet the unimaginable happened and for me they went backwards.

    Also for some strange reason the bounce of the ball seems to have taken a turn for the worst. It stops very quickly and seems to bounce far less randomly than in RL1. Why did they change it ?

    RL3 ? Give it to in this order ..

    Creative Assembly
  4. Parore

    Parore Guest

    didnt you get to play the game before all of us??

    Why didnt you tell them then, were you asked to give criticism or just play it for fun?
  5. To be honest Lox and I only got to play the game for a matter of a couple of hours and it was really hard to get an opinion of RL2 in that time.

    I also wrote a pretty open ended ( sort of review ) that did hint at some of the problems that could manifest when really tearing into RL2 for a good chunk of gameplaying.
  6. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Yeah, but like Knowsley said, it was only for a couple of hours. There were doubts, but even if we'd have told them at the time we played it, nothing would've been done as it was being pressed ready for release.

    In any case, they would have had to change the whole game engine to take it away from the game it is today! There is no way Sidhe would've done that. They've done their job, sold bucketfuls of copies of RL2 and so they're happy.

    Hey, who are we to complain?????
  7. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    I just can't believe how they cocked up this game. The two main downside for me (even though I have never reached half time) is;

    * You never feel like your are controlling the game, Its like the computer takes control of everything.

    * You can't change direction. A couple of times I had a one on one with the fullback & you can't change direction, you just tend to go one way & that's it!
  8. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    Pretty much covered it there although I'd add players running into touch just after theyv'e fielded a kick to the corner.
  9. Again the strange thing with that is they had it better in RL1. Players would pretty much ignore a ball that was bound for touch were in RL2 they chase after it like a headless chicken.
  10. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Don't you have other things to do with your time like try and get EA to put sandcastles on the Halfway line for Rugby 06?

    moving on...

    A minor thing yes, but they could've at least tryed to do something with the Rep teams in the Franchise Mode, i've had players who havent played a minute of gametime selected to play Origin FFS.
  11. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Agree with all the above............

    The BIG thing for me (and yet to be mentioned surprisingly) is the lack of individuality of the players. This is due to the small amount of player abilities, and also the lack of range (ie. 1-10) whereby the bulk of the players are very similar.

    This really affects franchise mode for me where "star' players are have little/no real effect on the game on harder levels, and players seem to be all the same (eg. all able to step well, kick well, and beat the first tackle with ease).

    Compare this to PES5 (sorry in advance for bringing up this game again), but every player in PES5 feels, and plays differently. Some have less first touch control, others are less capable of "special" moves, some pull out something amazing when you most require it - all have weaknesses and strengths to their games.

    On my current PES5 game I have a striker that I use mainly as a "go to" man when I need a goal. If I start him he tends to have no impact on the game at all, but in a tight game if I use him off the bench late in the game he more often then not turns a half chance into a winning goal, or does something magic to set someone else up.

    In rugby league 2 I never get this feeling, and therefore you never really feel that involved emotionally in what is happening on the field in your virtual rugby league world.........to me I start to feel like I am directing small blobs around the field after a while.

    I think the game developers have fallen into the trap of "fence sitting" when trying to decide if their game is more of a "sim", or an "arcade" style. In the end they have produced neither, and therefore fail to please people who prefer one form of gameplay over the other.

    For instance;

    Sim: Ball stripping, all the licenses/competitions/play likenesses, realistic franchise mode, pass to playmaker ability, sin bins/send offs (though poorly implemented), video ref etc

    Arcade: "floaty" impossible passes and offloads, backs able to easily 'run over" players (even Stacy Jones), held up in goal 5+ times a game, fast backs unable to run long distances without being tackled etc

    I'd prefer a "sim" myself, but if SIDHE announced that they were producing an "arcade' game of rugby league then at least I would have the right impression at the get start when deciding to buy their game or not.
  12. Parore

    Parore Guest

    Dont you have a sheep with your name on it somewhere?

    I asked the question because I wanted to know why Sidhe are so shocked with the negitive response, as if there were people who played the game early, and did not like it, the criticism on their forum would not be a new thing for them.
  13. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    It's hard to believe I'm saying this but they should take a leaf out EA's book progress-wise.

    All I'm saying is that the improvement from R2004 to R2005 is a big jump, it's still pretty uninspiring, but a huge leap forward from the utter train-wreck that was 04.

    If Sidhe had the same improvement between RL2 and RL3 then we would have a bloody great game on our hands.
  14. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    It's not really a minor thing considering it couldn't have been hard for them to allow you to select the squad yourself... It's just stupid considering how wild the selections are!
  15. Thats what I thought with RL2. I thought after what they produced in RL1 ( amazing imo for a first effort ) I honestly thought RL2 was going to rock the world. I never for one minute considered they would go backwards and make the piece of poo that is RL2.

    Lets just hope 2006 > 2005 [​IMG]
  16. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Lets just remember this is the "constructive criticism thread", so save the slander for other threads.
  17. How is it SLANDER ? Its an opinion and a comment directly related to somthing another user said.

  18. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I'm only saying that if we start a thread on the premise that we can be constructive in our criticism and not deteriorate into petty name calling, then we should at least make half an attempt to stick to it... After all, we are trying to show we are more mature than the sidhe forums aren't we?
  19. I dont think we have to "try" to show we are more mature than the RL2 forums m8.

    I also dont think this forum should try to be anything other than it already is. I like these forums the way they are. Honest and a fantastic selection of users.

    I dont think we have to prove anything just because a couple of members decided to leave. Its a shame but solely down to the individuals who left.

    Anyway ....
  20. Jono078

    Jono078 Guest

    I agree with most things said.

    I really cannot wait for a RL3, but for me all it seems to me is they have to iron out alot of 'bugs' and just tweak things.

    Really feels like it can be a class game, just dont know when and if that will happen.
  21. this as constructive as u can get from me

    I JUST DONT LIKE IT!!!.....ITS SUCKS....GAMEPLAY IS URGHH...see no real words to describe it...its horrid and i cant bare to play it more than half an hour....and we rented?...very sad

    i can ONLY hope sidhe watches the whole nrl season to capture the excitement of the rugby league world!!!
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