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New Cycling season

Tragedy in the Tour of Switzerland.

Bad crashes are part and parcel of road racing and incidents like this will, sadly, happen from time to time. Normally the outcome's a few broken bones, but occasionally it will be much worse. It's a dangerous game and the riders really are brave, tough little nuts.


Giro U23 had a big cheating scandal as they took a sticky bottle to a whole other level.

TdF hoving in to view.

I'm making an early call for Vingegaard. The Pog will give him a fight, but he looked very good in the Dauphine while the Pog will not have had much real time on the road after his injury.
Agreed. Vingegaard has been unstoppable while pogacar will be out of race shape. Lots of hours on the trainer but hasn't raced in awhile.
Yep. The breakaway was pretty entertaining and of course the twins at the end.
Team offering him another chance next year if he wants it.

Todays stage up the Puy de Donne was fantastic.
tv did a great job capturing the change in atmosphere from insanely loud to dead quiet as the fans were cut off.

great effort for Matteo but just wasn't enough.
great effort for Matteo but just wasn't enough.
Brutal. The guy must have set a world record for lactic acid production.

The Pog taking some more seconds back. Looks like he has the edge in the uphill accelerations. Vingegaard will be glad of the rest day.
Pog seemingly in his stride and able to take seconds back at will uphill. Couple more days in the Alps, but maybe the TT will be the deal breaker.
uae clearly think it's going to come down to seconds. Watching pog pass people on his way to the bonus points was something to see.

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