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Official Metal Gear Solid 3 thread

I've seen a couple of trailers, and they looked very impressive.

It's amazing - if you eat too much of the wrong food, Snake throws up.
There's all sorts of fungi to eat as well, and apparantly if you don't keep an eye out you can get attacked by crocodiles when you're getting drinking water.

Sounds VERY exciting!
Originally posted by ..::ERIC::..@May 27 2004, 11:28 AM
How very rugby related.
Reel off the list of "Other" rugby games that need to be discussed; I dare you...
It is, but too little is known about them at the moment to probably discuss so let's crack on with other stuff. Although...
Spent the last few days playing Metal Gear Solid 2 - what a great game. It seems that MGS3 is a step back in time, sort of a prequel. They can't leave the game where it ended last time round!

I'm going to write MGS part 4 myself and I may even send it off to Konami.
It's time to resurrect this thread imo - the game is out in the USA soon (so I expect you captainamerica, the purveyor of all on the far side of the pond to give us an exclusive scoop on what it's like).
oh mean i havent played snake since ps1 and it kicked arse then so it will kick arse now biatch

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