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Perfect points?

Yep in the Form of ME, ST HELENS, TEH MITE and GAY GUY!!!

Yipes....I fear for my thumbs already.

Can I, in true modern British style, blame someone else other than myself for my rampant gambling problem. ;) :p :)
Is there any way that bets can be paid out once matches are over, I've wasted all my points on Super 14 and now can't bet on the 6N cause I haven't been paid out yet.
Also you guys have made a bad mistake by letting people bet on matches after they've finished!
I believe its something to do with the server time, that causes that problem

And I now paid out the people that have won!!!
Alright then cheers. I'd swear I don't have a problem, he says with a nervous twitch.
yeah was a server time, my fault i am going to have to work out this time zone thing i think :)
Now now Charlie, Blues blame Heysel. You should know that by now! ;)

*yawn*....you've mentioned that a few times now. It seems to be your lot who are in the blame game nowadays.

I'm on 220 points after the weekend woohoo.

I don't know what anyone else is seeing here with all the betting.
I leave the place for a couple of months, come back and i'm a lost child wandering into a conversation!

Where are you guys betting...

oh god i'm lost :cryy:
Very cool.
Ok, all the bets are closed, so when do they open again?

I love betting, especially when i can't lose any money.
super 14 is now up ready for betting.

Charlie, any chance of giving the people with no points *cough* me *cough* like a hand out? :)
right, the first round of the super 14 was closed before the games started, i got that right. hope everyone got their bets in its to late now.

got til tomorrow for the six nations, get in and bet all your points :)
I noticed that the odds for the cricket were 1:20 for Australia, now they were evens when I made the bet, so I'm assuming you pay out at the odds when the bet was placed?
yeah, it keeps tabs of when you made the bet, i was having trouble with that one.

remember still tinkering :)

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