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Perfect points?

Guys, I didn't pay attention to the perfect points until now. I guess the explanation about what they are and their purpose is somewhere hidden in that of these many posts. Could just point me to the post which eventually explains what the perfect points are? Thanks in adavance for your help.
Well Basically Every one is allocated 100 points, these points are used for the Bookie system,
How come I won the same money when I put 50 points on Italy to beat Wales as when I put 50 points on France to beat Wales? France were 1:3 but Italy were 3:1!!! I won 200 points on both?
1:3 and 3:1 are the same, just the first number is the home team and the last number is the away team.

i had been doing some working out, its a weird system but it seams to work.

just be glad you won some points, this was the first week that i have won :)

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