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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Round 15

Absolutely get why that's a yellow under current circumstances, if your crouched and absorbing there needs to be more sympathy though
Should be going for the corner with a reminder to the reff that he's already warned tiger for countless pens conceded in the red.
Good first half,

JvP vs Mitchell is a good battle considering that's almost definitely our 9/21 for the summer (/foreseeable future)

Langdon probably the form 2 in the league atm, just does everything really well
Convincing Ashman to stay, losing Langdon, and then Ashman asking to leave 6months later anyway gotta be the biggest fumble of Sanderson's career
if the others a yellow that has to be red, completely reckless, no tackle technique at all, hard to class it as a tackle.
pretty harsh yellow, don't think there was a Leicester play in shot so can't really say it stopped a try etc.

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