Discussion in 'Site News & Suggestions' started by Saint N Sinner, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. I am experiencing difficulty when accessing the Car thread...

    ...I can get in all right, but then a little dialogue box opens, and asks me for a password and username.

    Is everyone getting this or just me.
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  3. The Hoff

    The Hoff Guest

    I have been getting it from most topics in the 'Off Topic' section.

    ...I just assumed it was a virus from that porn I was browsing through earlier.
  4. dont hassle the hoff
  5. Thanks...... [​IMG]
  6. The Hoff

    The Hoff Guest


    Sing it like you mean it.
  7. Well thanks guy, I wanted some help from someone who knows what they are doing, preferebly a mod or admin, now they are going to see this and think...why.... [​IMG]
  8. The Hoff

    The Hoff Guest

    I threw in my 12 bucks right in response to this:

  9. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Weird... *Khofft*
  10. el_tk

    el_tk Guest

    I got it from the joke thread.

    It said 'enter username and password for'.
  11. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I think it's Black|Ravens avatar that's causing it.

    EDIT: No, it's his sig thats causing it.
  12. That'll be deleted then. If it hasn't already.
  13. Why would a signature cause problems such as this?

    Thanks guys.
  14. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    The picture is hotlinked from a passworded (is that a word?) website.
  15. Oh....naughty Black Raven you... [​IMG]
  16. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    what was his sig avatar, what have i missed

    full me in please.
  17. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    please tell me what blackravens sig did to the website, and what was his sig, and whats so bad about it.
  18. Well, that's sorted anyway.
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