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Discussion in 'Site News & Suggestions' started by Rassie, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    First of all, i`m at 70% warn level. Why? This is a question i am asking for decades. Yeap, because i`m a veteran of TRF since the day it was `on air`.

    Perhaps i`ve been very blunt about many things you`re taking for good. Perhaps your misjudgment blinded you to see the truth.

    Why am i so keen for this TRF?

    Bloody easy:

    - smth like 90% are true rugby connoisseurs
    - lots of friends
    - statistics – this is where i am the best
    - history , not only for this forum but also for the history related to the mighty Boks

    P.S: OK, i`m not a one liner as Wally, i`m not a `thousand and .... replies` but then again, check out the truth i`m telling you about.
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  3. I think advertising it counts as advertising. [​IMG]

    Didn't realised you were still around Rassie, haven't seen you for ages.

    The only problem I've ever seen is that some of your posts can get a bit racist. Nothing wrong with being blunt about most things though, gets to the point.
  4. You've got a 70% warning level because I've given you one because you're a racist.
  5. Flamingo

    Flamingo Guest

    that dont make sense [​IMG]
  6. Yes it does. What are you on about? [​IMG]
  7. And may I ask, where is your proof that she is a racist?
  8. Rassie is a he for a start. [​IMG]

    And there would be proof to show that he has been racist in the past. Not all the time obviously, but has slipped into it before.
  9. I don't want to sound rude but I don't really know him/her but, so I am not going to say anything more on the subject till I see some proof.

    By the way, If you want to be racist then keep it to yourself because everyone obviousley doesn't want to hear it.
  10. Just look at all the user's past posts, that's the easy way to find proof if you want it.
  11. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    That shows the effectiveness of the moderating. The offensive posts have been deleted. It's not like we're going to show them to you once they've been deleted to prove that a user has been racist, that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it?

    You don't just get a 70% warning for doing nothing.

    However, in saying that, when he's not being racist, Rassie's comments can be quite good.
  12. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    Well, i`ve heard this `racist` crap for a long time, but what does it mea this word: "racist"

    Is it `racist` to say: "White men can`t jump` - it`s a movie for example. Am i allowed then to say the obvious fact that : "kaffers can`t play rugby becouse rugby it`s all about boots and brains and we all know kaffers lack brains?

    The `racist` double standard: "How whites are made guilty for loving their own culture"

    Come on, get real !

    P.S: OK, but is it possible for the warn level to be reduced by time? Cos it`s coming Tri Nations and i don`t want these kids to be brain washed by the kiwis and giant rats ! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Huh, and anyway, i don`t have the space to respond Wally`s idiotic remarks ! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Ease up ease up....
    Cruise along now.....
    ****!! BRAKE BRAKE!!!
    Possibly, if you watch your comments I suppose.
  14. Wally

    Wally Guest

    I love you Rassie, just stay away from my kids.
  15. kaffers? other werds niggaz u refer them too

    that is really harsh that BLACK people to you are brainless?
    why do people of colour offend you?

    i admit i fall short sometimes and stereo type people...but thats becoz of certain people in there community that give them a bad name..for example the black people here in nz..the kids dress all gangsta and walk around tuff and ive beaten some of them becoz they are jerks but ive met the true nature of these people among many at school who are here to learn and to better them selves and secure them and there families future yet they are from the struggle and given chance in nz and have taken full stride in that

    u have a problem with these people^ in general or just the dickheads among them?

    also another example that most white people in nz have stereotyped islanders as..
    i am a proud samoan/pacific islander...the euros in nz sterio type us and maori as lazy unemployed ********...and thugs and yes its statiscally proven!
    but that is not ALL of us! gayguy is schoolteacher...chiropractor breaks peoples backs..we do our services to nz and pay our taxes...and worthless scum like kinkon sit around in the zoo all day in cage playing with his balls [​IMG] [​IMG]

    u shouldnt just classify EVERY black person as dumb,stupid,brainless or even kaffa..i hate that word..there are people among them that do stupid things but doesnt mean the black guy down the road is troublesome too coz they are the same colour [​IMG]

    anywayz rassie its good to have u here
    your racist views and comment are always welcome [​IMG]

  16. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    "maori as lazy unemployed ********"

    So, were are they wrong ? Remember the Whangerai treat and so on... Is it fair to pay taxes only for those dumb shits to mock you you in despite.

    I`m telling you the truth, that`s why you are trying to ban me.

    P.S: Nope, maoris weren`t there in the first place. Even Mao bird was there, but not them.
  17. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I take offense to that, I have Maori in me. Does that make me a lazy dumb ****?
  18. ok so majority of maori and pacific islanders are on the government benefits but dont forget there are people of many races there too...including white people
    i kno the goverment sucks but part from the politics for a minute!

    u hate these people? people...why?
    coz they sit on the benefit?...then thats ur brian habana on the benefit?
    ..and i agree with the quota it shud be ALL fairness it should only be the best players from your country..u dont agree that habana is the best winger in your country do you?
  19. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    THE CHIROPRACTOR101, why are you telling me about Habana? I`ve told you before, even in that so called `apartheid` era, Erol Tobias played for Die Bokke. What`s your point anyway? It`s the value criteria that must prime!

    THE CHIROPRACTOR101: "ok so majority of maori and pacific islanders are on the government benefits " so, is it fair?

    Come on, i know very many NZ`landers that can`t deal with this so called democracy.

    THE CHIROPRACTOR101: "u hate these people? people...why"

    I can`t hate what i don`t respect ! I don`t hate them !
  20. Wally

    Wally Guest

    I don't know exactly what this means but I'm sure it's racist in some way.

    While I'm not too fond of our man Rassie he is good to have around. Cheap amusement let's just say.
  21. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Way to evade the questions.....

    1. Why don't you 'respect' black people then?

    2. Do you agree that Brian Habana is/one of the best wingers in your country?

    3. I'm part Maori, am I a lazy dumb ****?

    Perhaps that's a little easier to answer....

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