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My problem !

Then again reduce the `warn level` !

Werk en Wen - Work & Win is the motto of my beloved Grey High! HuH, where re those years passing by !

Signed: A PROUD AWB MEMBER! Lank lewe Die Boervolk !
Originally posted by Rassie@Jul 1 2005, 12:11 PM
Well Wlly, congrats, you can do better than `one liner`. Nevertheless you are still a moron! Why? Simply as that: you use the word `racist` having no clue what is it all about! "

OK, let`s ban Rassie cos he is teling you the truth. What truth? Thousands of ppl are murdered in SA now. 4 Hundred years of civilization are now on the verge of collapse!

That`s in fact my problem!
Well make your point better and do not insult other people. If you continue to be abusive, I will raise your warning level again. If you argue with me, I will raise your warning level.
St Helens RLFC: "If you argue with me, I will raise your warning level. "

It`s a pom, what can you expect from him! OK ban me but then again, you bloody pommie ******** are the reason why centuries of civilization are going down!

I don't want to ban you Rassie (I don't have the power anyway) I want you to make your points in an acceptable manner.
just a question rassie

do you like any black person?...is their a black person u really feel comfortable around or hav a respect for?...
Well, i am now at 80% therefore i can`t give you an answer THE CHIROPRACTOR101

All i`m telling you about is: Ons Sal Handhaaf - we shall preserve
Originally posted by St Helens RLFC@Jun 30 2005, 03:55 PM
You've got a 70% warning level because I've given you one because you're a racist.
Why have you given him a warning because of his thoughts?
Because he's putting it on a public forum - my job which it is to stop!
Originally posted by loratadine@Jul 1 2005, 05:10 PM
yes you cant be abusive on here. it is wrong.
Sadly, your use of irony isn't particularly funny.
it wasnt irony - sadly
i was being serious but am really tired and am not in a verbosque mood of writting correct and standard english
it may sound like a four year old wrote it - leading to you believing that it was meant to be ironic - but i assure you it wasnt - im just down in the dumps and am feeling tired and ill - i have glandular fever - so therefore im in a fragile state of mind and cannot be bothered to type fully, my comment was trying to agree with some of the other posters,
listen buddy im fed up of you bullying me - im really unwell and im finding it a chore to type, but this forum is the only place keeping me going at the moment, as i am confined to the house for the near future at least, i have been perfectly nice and humble towards you - even wishin you a happy b day for tommorrow but you cant wait to dig the boot in

please do not assume im trying to be the funny man because i can assure you i cant be assed at the moment, and to be honest i cant be assed with this.
yeah honestly guys it's just spelling. If you're going to ***** about something, find a good thing to ***** about at least.
Exactly what St_Helens said, this IS a public forum. It's not just us looking through it. People WILL be offended by racist remarks. I am one of those people, but for the most part I don't get too upset. Like I've said earlier, all Rassie needs to do is watch what he says a little more. He knows what people may find highly innappropriate, so he just needs to hold his tongue.....Or hand I guess.
Not that Im pro any race or anything, but i remember back a bit there was a bit of racism towards Asians and the general consensus was that is fine, seems like there is double a standard. I'm just throwing that out there.
Originally posted by loratadine@Jul 1 2005, 05:37 PM
listen buddy im fed up of you bullying me
More irony?

Hope you feel better anyway.
Originally posted by Canadian_Rugby_Guy@Jul 1 2005, 11:29 PM
yeah honestly guys it's just spelling. If you're going to ***** about something, find a good thing to ***** about at least.
Spelling (or should I say, lack of ability to be able to) riles me enough to edit posts. loratadine has an excuse though.

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