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Mr. Laxative

My friend bought a PSP in hong kong for about $600 oz. HK is expensive tho. I spoke to eb in tuggeranong (canberra) today and altho they haven't confirmed this as the price they believe it will be $350. Does anyone know what the standard price will be in oz? Also is it probly better to wait for say a 100 dollar one on e-bay?
What are these things exactly? Can you play normal PS2 games on them, and do they have analog sticks?
No normal ps2 games they r handheld and only run with united media disks. They got fairly big screens and better graphics than Ps2 u can play movis if they r in UMb as well. they have one analog stick to direct play as well as d pad. Pretty advanced expected release in oz in July or August. Just in time for my b'day.
PSP just bought by some randomo on e-bay for 96 dollars au. I bidded for it at 94. I was fairly unlucky i thought. Oh, well back to bidding.

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