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The psp is quite simply amazing - i have just this week purchased one and must say im extermely happy with it. the graphics are immense - ive got a gb worth of memory - the only stumbling block is the price but IMO well worth the money - its so much more than a hand held and the picture quality is ace.
Sounds good mate but I don`t reckon I will be getting one with the PS 3 coming out next yuear a little to expensive but I am sure it is worth it.
Been playing on my mates, and its pretty cool, but im glad i didnt buy one. Once you get over the fact that its a handheld, youll see that its got worse graphics than ps2, and not many good games to choose from(IMO) and like thebokke said, with next gen around the corner id rather be putting my pennys aside.
Not a week goes by without me thinking of buying one. I'm still not sure.......
I've been thinking about getting a DS for quite sometime...

The only think stopping me (aside from money) is that no doubt I'd buy (and get hooked on) Nintendogs thus losing my last ounce of manliness forever.

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