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reputaion thing?

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:wall: what is this reputaion thing all about??? :wall:

and how do you put a pic up on my profiel???
basically if you think someone has made a decent comment, or a good point that you agree with or something funny, or even helps you out with something feel free to give them a rep point.

Don't know what the story is with adding a profile pic. This is what I get in my control panel

Sorry, the board administrator has not enabled your permissions for this part of the control panel.

Maybe Dan or Charlie, the owners, can help you with that one.
Right I have made a few changes and you can now upload a pic of yourself on your profile...

And Welcome to the Boards!!! Hope you have Fun here, any questions dont hesitate to ask any one of the team a question...
Yes as Charlie (Getofmeland) said, don't worry about asking us a question or two. That's what we are here for.

Anyway, Welcome aboard Matt750, & we hope you stay with us.

P.S, if you want to practice giving out positive rep to someone, look me up! :p
so the lowest rep is waterboy what other ones are there
No, reputation is the number next to where it says 'reputation'. Suprisingly.

Why is this thread even still open?

Not open for further replies.