Roundabouts and other driving pet peeves

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by The_Blindside, Jul 15, 2019.

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    Ive had this alot with cyclists, about to walk out and they fly over. If they use the road same as cars then they have to stop at crossings, ive seen them go through traffic lights and the crossings with the traffics lights (for the life of me i cant remember what they are called). Also when they use the paths to avoid traffics lights.
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    So I am driving along a main road at the speed limit when a car from a side road to my left just pulls out in front of me forcing me to brake to stop me from going into the back of him and I honk my horn in frustration.

    He winds down his window and starts giving me the two fingers and gesticulating with his hand that I am giving him back chat. And I make sure he can see me give the middle finger back. What goes through the mind of such drivers that they can’t see what they have done is remotely right - not the swearing and gesticulating but to suddenly pull out onto a main road without due regard to traffic on the main road?:confused:

    My sister was involved in an accident a couple of weeks ago. Driving on a main road at 40 and a car coming from the opposite direction, attempting to cross her path to get to a side road to my sister’s left, signals and maneuvers in one motion and smashed right into my sister’s car’s right wheel/front right door. She didn’t give my sister a chance to avoid the collision. The culprit initially apologized and asks if my sister is ok, but then accuses my sister of speeding.:confused:Unbelievable!!!!:mad:

    Police were useless - didn’t even breathalize either driver - my sister doesn’t drink, but as a matter of procedure should have breathalised both of them - it was Friday night at 11pm. Even worse post accident the other driver now says she was stationary when my sister’s car hit hers. Well the impact points on both cars don’t lie and unless my sister drove into the other car side ways - my sister’s cat’s right wheel was caved inwards from the impact, then it’ll show the liar the other driver is.:mad::mad:
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    I nearly hit a cyclist there three weeks ago, I was turning into a main road as he was cycling by and I had to turn harder to avoid him. I didn't see him and had I hit him I'd have been totally at fault.

    But, I was driving in the Dublin mountains, lots of trees and bushes around there, green all year round. This thrill seeker was wearing dark green and black cycling gear and just blended into the background. I'd have accepted responsibility had I hit him but I don't understand why anyone would be so reckless as to virtually camouflage themselves on their Sunday cycle, regardless of who's wrong the collision is going to hurt him more than me!
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    As indicators have been done...

    Cyclists with those blindingly bright strobing lights! Brighter than full beam headlights on cars, right at eye level then black/nothing then blind again. Had to totally stop my car once on an A road as it was so bad. How is that even legal? Also seen cyclists with multiple lights that do this. Why?
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