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Rugby 2012 Trophies & Achievements

Here's some ideas that i haven't seen yet... the names are rather lame though

League of their own - Go an entire season/tournament unbeaten
Record Breaker - Score more than 126 points in the 2011 RWC
Record Breaker 2 - Score more than 8 Drop-goals in the 2011 RWC
Butterfingers - Cause five knock-ons in one match
Too Slow - Charge down a Penalty Attempt
Well Conditioned - Play an entire tournament/tour with the same starting XV in every match
Grass Roots - Win a provincial tournament
Off the upright - Score a penalty, conversion or drop goal were the ball bounces off the post

Hidden Achievement

But look at the Scoreboard - Win all match stats (Possession, Territory, Handling Errors etc.) but still lose the game.
better luck next time: have a try disallowed because the ball was held up/ stop a try by holding it up (hoping this will be possible)
the perfect ten: win a match you were losing in at the end of full time with a kick at goal (drop goal, conversion, penalty)
melting pot: sign players from 15 different nations into your world league team
Lionheart: go on all lions tour and return victorious (pro + )
Lion tamer: win a test series against the lions (should only be in hardest difficulty)
Vintage 2003: win the world cup final in overtime
On top of the world: win the knockout championship and come first in the elite division (world league or equivalent)
A job well done: Achieve a full trophy cabinet (pro or higher)

will think of more overnight, hopefully
Intercept king: score a try from an interception pass
Billy wizz: sidestep 4 players on your way to scoring a 40+ meter try
The French call it flair: launch a counter attack from your own 5 meter line to score under the posts
Taking out the trash: dump-tackle a player into touch
Mad Dog: charge down 3 kicks with the same player
get something from nothing: score a drop goal from 50+ meters
back to basics: knock the ball forward while in the opposition 22
Record maker: score over 250 points in one season with a single player

Record breaker: Score over 400 points in one season with a sinlge player
Coming up short: lose in the final (any competiton)
Man of the match: tackle each member of the opposition team with one player (?and score a try?)
Bonus hunter: get a bonus point in every match in a season

I am the record book: Score 200 converted tries, 300 penalty kicks and 150 drop goals
Some of these may apply to the rugby 2012 game which will hav the leagues on:

once in a lifetime - score a try with a full back (just like on fifa) - 15G
Better than wilkinson - score more kicks than johnny wilkinson with a created player (will have to be updated) - 45G
Bad season - Be religated from the aviva permiership (if the relagation/promotion system is in place) - 10G
Going up in the world - Be religated then promoted within a season - 25G
All Blacks Clamety - Beat New Zealand on elite or pro - 40G
The ultimate underdogs - Qualify and win the RWC with Finland - 50G (if finland is on the game)
Scoundrels - Make 5 illegal moves without being caught - 15G (if you can do illegal moves)
Heavy handed - injure 2 opponent players within a match - 20G
Why am i here? - Have a player out of position for a full tournament/season - 20G
Switching time - Have a forward play full back and a back play in the scrum for a full game - 10G
Pointless contract - Sign a player then dont play him for a full season - 20G
Contracting squad - Sell at least 5 players from your full squad - 10G

Just some i cam up with =)
w.t.f.? 150G run the pitch and score with a prop(suggest healy cause of blinding pace)
once in a lifetime - score a try with a full back (just like on fifa) - 15G

This should probably be changed from Fullback to prop... Scoring with a full back is a pretty common occurrence :p
oh well lol i suppose u could have sumit like that lol
Here are some:

Samoan Sidestep - Score a try with a Winger by shoulder barging through or over 3 defenders.
CHEAT! - Win 5 turnovers in one match, including penalty turnovers at breakdown with the Number 7.
More conversions then Jesus - Have over 200 successful conversions at goal.
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Haha, thats awesome!!! although i think that Jesus has made a few more than 200 conversions :p
some more

just bad luck - tranfer a player out then when playing that club injure that player - 30g
family reunion - have all the Taits playing for the same team - 10g
celebration fanatic - score a try with every player who has a special celebration - 25g (e.g. chris ashton, swallow dive)
big spender - buy a player worth over 20,000 - 10g (or watever is an abonormal price for a player)
Move! - barge the referee out the way accidently - 10g
for the record - beat rory underwood and chris ashtons six nations tri score combined - 30g
BOD! - Score a hat trick with Brian O'Driscoll in any Tournament.

Yellow Brick Road - Have one of your props yellow carded for collapsing the scrum.

One digit Pies - Put out a Front Row with a combined weight of over 400kg.
about time-100000g get past the quarter final with ireland

that would be a first-100000000000g win a world cup with england without kicking the ball every secound time you get it.

union or league? - after exactly 5 tackles break the line and score - 20g
zero to hero - create a player, have him play for his country and score the winning try in a final - 25g
well protected - have your created player wear scrum cap, knee support, elbow support, pads (if avaible) and ankle support - 5g
luck o` the irish - from you try line as england hold ireland for at least 7 minutes - 15g
fresh legs - sign an academy player and have him play in the starting 15 for 3 games - 10g
credit crunch - while playing in the aviva preimship become either bankrupt or go into administration - 15g
underdogs - have a team were every player has a rating under 70 for 3 games and win every one - 20g
try there - with your created player score on his debut - 10g (Secret?)

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