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Rugby Highlights Thread

Big Ewis

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Oct 10, 2011
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damn this is so fkng gorgeous to watch:

It does raise that question again, 'are the AB losing dominance ?' and I think I may've answered that too hastily on that thread. After watching this, you can't help but feel they have. I attribute it to the defense being much tighter recently at test level, it's like since right after the 2011 RWC tries have been harder to score, like national sides have tightened up defenses way more. I mean that 2013 6N was ridiculously clogged up.
Watching this video, I just only now remember just how scary it was to play the AB, that black wave mounting on the horizon, you were almost sure they'd score the try. It's true they just don't look as mesmerizing and magical now. I don't think it's the AB's quality that's withered, but rather the upping of world Rugby defense that's responsible for the AB's less enormous scores.
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