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Rugby Player Nick Names

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Gavin Henson
  • Anal Assassin
  • Bum Chum
  • Colon Commander
  • Colon Captain
  • Colon Commodore
  • Colon Colonel
  • Amanda (derived from Amanda Hugankiss)
  • Seymour (derived from Seymour Butts); etc
<div class='quotemain'> Tasesa Lavea:
  • Laveatory
  • Useless Gimp
  • Arsehole
  • F**kwit
  • Anal Donor
Sorry mate, not quite up to the standard of mine :p However your first one deserves an honorable mention.
scott hamilton - the greatest american hero.

well thats what me and my mates call him cause he looks just like him :)

DC is Dan Carter...

and i cant think of any more
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Unless its been changed:

Stephen Jones - Captain Crap[/b]
I was pretty sure we went by 'Captain Colamety' whenever he had the arband (Due to Wales constantly losing), or 'The Count' without it, due to his pale skin and the constant showing of the teeth.
Crusher - Josh Kronfeld
Goldie - Jeff Wilson
Kamo Kid - Ian Jones
Quoir Boy - Andrew Mehrtens
Buck - Wayne Shelford
Ice - Michael Jones
Oz - Glenn Osbourne
Mutz - Matua Parkinson
Smoking Joe - Joe Stanley
Skux - Ma'a Nonu
Wax - Sione Lauaki
Ney - Neemia Tialata
Rodders - Rodney So'ioalo
K.T - Karl Tenana
J.C - Jerry Collins
Fish - Paul ***o
Hori - Andrew Hore
Flash - Lelia Masaga
Tendai Mtawarira - The Beast

Bismarck du Plessis- The human wrecking ball

Bryan Habana- Fu%$ng quick *******

Leon Macdonald - I call him T-1000 (Terminator 2 bad boy )

Jean de Villiers - JdV or Intercept King

Andrew Sheridan - Big Ted

Phil Vickery - The raging bull

Gavin Henson - Beckham wannabe

Ricky Januarie - O Fenomeno (Ronaldo)

Jason Robinson - Billy Whizz, Robbo, Stumpy

Ronan O'gara - Princess of fly halves

Butch James - The Butcher

Richie Mccaw - The King (according to ARC )

J.P. Pietersen - 100mt. sprinter on a rugby field

Piri Weepu - Taine Randell or viceversa

Tana Umaga - Bad Ass Predator

Maa Nonu - Son of Tana

Justin Harrison -The plank

Austin Healey - The Leicester Lip

Mario Ledesma- Super Mario

Juan Martin Hernandez - El Mago (The Magician)

John Eales - Nobody (Because nobody is perfect)

Stirling Mortlock - The Evil Wizard (according to ARC)

Stephen Larkham- Bernie

Os Du Rant - Ox (In Afrikaans is Os)

Justin Marshall- Blondie

Jimmy Cowan - Bad Ass Marshall

Matt Dunning- Chubby , Fatty , Matt Dumping, The fat boy

Jerry Collins - Walking Biceps

Chris Latham - Fido Dido with Steroids

Brian O'Driscoll- BOD or "Tana's wife"

Peter Stringer -Little egg shaped thing on a rugby field or ***an

Pierre Spies - Chuck norris father, or FREAK .

Jean Baptiste Elissalde -Little Fu#%er

Frederick Michalak - Male model wannabe

Maxim Medard -JPR Williams

Agustin Pichot - Gus

Mathew Bastereaud- The simpsons "I didn`t do it" boy

Serge Betsen -Le faucheuse (French Predator)
@man007: Agustín Pichot nickname is "Ficha", and Hernandez is "The Wizard".

Federico Todeschini: "Ninja"
Juan Fernandez Lobbe: "Corcho"
Ignacio Fernandez Lobbe: "Nacho Man". His team mates sang him "Nacho Nacho Man, I wanna be a Nacho Man", a parody of "Macho Man" Village People's song, during the Scott Quinnell's crossbar challenge.

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Some SA players nicks I know of:

Tendai Mtawarira - BEAST
Bismarck du Plessis - Bissy
John Philip Botha - Bakkies (pick-up truck), Oom (uncle)
Victor Matfield - Big Vic
Schalk Burger - Schalla, the incredible
Fourie du Preez - Vuurhoutjie (match, the kind you light a fire with)
Bryan Habana - Flyin Bryan
Jean de Villiers - widely known as the intercept king
Jacques Fourie - Mossie (I think its called a finch in English)
Stefan Terblanche - Turbo's

and the legend

Jacobus Petrus du Randt - Os (ox)
ARC ones are the best:

Schalk Burger - Nazi
Steven Donald - the average man :lol:
Carter - Diamond
McCaw - King
A Lot of Tuqiri
The Evil Wizard Mortlock
England's b<strike>l</strike>ack 3 of Monye, Sackey and Armitage: James Brown's Brass Band
Rokocoko - The Dream
Hore - The Whore
Kaino - Polynesian God
Isaac Ross - Son of Ross
Brad Thorn - Christian
Berrick Barnes, still living with his parents
Conrad Smith - Cornfed the Intelligent One
AA-Cooper - Mini Cooper
Jimmy Cowan - National Front Member
James O'Connor - the milky bar kid

and the best of the lot....

Colin Charvis - some bloke from Birmingham trying to look like a Fijian.
Bakkies Botha: Lurch
BEAST: King Kong
Bryan Habana: Habanananananananananana
Francois Steyn: Boots mcHairstehlong
Andrew Sheridan- Mr. Slippyfists
Schalk Burger- The Optometrist
Bakkies Botha- The Human Wall
Joost van der Westhuisen- The Pornstar
Sabastian Chabal- The missing link
Heinrich Brussouw- The little rascal
Vili Satala - The Stretcher
Neil Back - Juggernaut ( :p - copycat)
Norm Hewitt - Stormin Norman
Stephen Donald - Donald Duck
George Gregan - Coffee Shop Boy
Matt Henjak - Handjerk-off
Isaia Toeava - Ice
Phil Vickery - Beast's *****
Sisa Koyamaibole - Caesar
A few less capped Springboks of recent years;

Wynand Olivier - Meisiekind (girlchild or something like that)
Derrick Hougaard - Liefling van Loftus (beloved of Loftus)
Luke Watson - Puke Twatson, Lukas Kotze (in reference to his stating that he needs to stop himself from getting sick on the Springbok emblem)

Where are the Australians?
Keith Wood - Fester(the guy from the Adam's Family)
RobJESUS Kearney
Luke Fitzgerald - love rug luke
Paul O'Connell - The Ginger Giant
David Wallace - WaLLY
Andrew Trimle - Arnie
Shane Horgan - shaggy
Shane Byrne - Mullet
Anybody remember Pieter Rossouw aka 'Slap chips' (potato chips)?
And old James 'Bullet' Dalton

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