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Rugby Player Nick Names

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Gethin Jenkins - Melon
Martyn Williams - Nugget
Jamie Roberts - Goliath
Lee Byrne - Rob Kearney +1
Gav - Amazing
Jonny Vaughton - f***in ****
Ronan O'Gara - (see 'Jonny Vaughton')
Any Australian - Chocolate teapot (cuz they're useless :p )
Donncha O'Callaghan - DOC
Donnacha Ryan - TOD (the other Donnacha) :LOL
John Hayes - The Bull
Marcus Horan - Puppy
Tony Buckley - Mushy
Denis Leamy - The Bear
Steve-o, Slap chips is 'n legend.e

Nog 'n legende;

Andre Joubert - Jouba, Rolls Royce

Seeing as the Aussies aren't pitching;

Matt Giteau - Gits
Matt Dunning - Dunking Doughnuts, Pillsbury Dough Boy
Luke Charteris - Giraffe
Leigh Halfpenny - Full Shilling
Sam Warburton - Long Face, Strawberry, Warbz, Bread (my personal one)
Adam Jones - Hairbear
Duncan Jones - Polar Bear
Martyn Williams - Nugget
Gareth Thomas - Alfie
Andy powell - Gorby
James Hook - Tango
Jamie Roberts - Square (only used by me and the Blues supporters)
Tom Shanklin - Shanks, Pimp (personal joke)
Tom James -The Bullet
Dai Young -Live Fast
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I love Dai Young's nickname!!![/b]

haha same :D
i'm looking for some more

from the other thread there was
Luke Fitzgerald - Jedward

James O'Connor - Rabbit
Thom Evans - Hot Thom/Hansel

Max Evans - Not so hot Max/Gorgeous Max/Thom's Brother
Jon Davies (Scarlets) - Gibbo (likeness to Scott Gibbs)
Daniel Evans (Scarlets) - DJ (apparantly hes good on the decks aswell as it being his initials)
Sean Lamont - Monty, Piece, Schlong Lamont, Schlongmont Brothers
Deacon Manu - Man Utd
Simon Easterby - Beasterby
David Lyons - Gorgus
John Yapp -Digger
Gavin Evans - Chesty
Maama Molitika - Dad
Xavier Rush - Nerd
Chris Czekaj - 28
Adam Jones - Bomber
Ian Evans - Monster, Lanto
Jerry Collins - JC, Dark Destroyer, Rolling Pin
Tom Smith - Peck
Mike Phillips - Splinters, Spike
Ashley Beck - Tango (perhaps thats why he doesnt like me lol)
Kristian Phillips - Shane Williams Junior
Nikki Walker - Little Nikki, Monster
Scott Gibbs - Car Crash, Pocket Battleship
Mefin Davies - Muffin
Richard Fussell - Whitey
James Arlidge - Pebbles, Shades (my personal one)
Tom Willis - Dubsy
Hoani MacDonald - Hoon
Toby Faletau - Jamie Afro
Gareth Wyatt - Qwyatt
Kevin Morgan -Captian Morgan
Jason Forster - Fozzie, Chico
Dan Carter - DC, Dan, Dezzy
Graham Henry - Ted
Conrad Smith - Snakey
Lewis Moody - Dirk Kuyt
Leo Cullen - Dirk Kuyt

They can share a nickname



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