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Sam & Max episode free for all



Do you like point and click adventures? Do you like episodic content? Do you like psychotic rabbits and talking dog thingies? Do you like free?

If so, then you must like Telltale Games! To promote the upcoming release of Season 2 of Sam & Max episodic adventures, they're giving away an episode of the first season for free to everybody. And it's probably the best episode out of the first lot! So how can you possibly complain?

So if you've never tried a point and click adventure before (they have died a death the last ten years or so...) or if you remember the first Sam & Max from eons ago and want to see if Telltale did the duo justice, yet were too <strike>stingy</strike> frugal to find out, now is your chance.

Merely follow this link to Telltale's Blog and then lament over LucasArt's decision to stop make point and click's in favour of an infinite amount of generic Star Wars ***les.
I have acquired all of the Sam & Max episodes in the first series. I'm looking forward to the 2nd series.
I have acquired all of the Sam & Max episodes in the first series.[/b]
You, dear sir, are a saint who shall be saved when the earth cracks open and consumes all things chavvy.

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