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Should I hit the dark side?

Should I buy a 360?

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That's not too bad then. I will just get going with the console for now and then intergrate the live part of things when I know what I'm doing. I will price things up on amazon and see what Thursday brings. [/b]

u can get a really long ethernet cable like 20m for the cheapest option, and then un-plug laptop/xbox from modem which ever u wish to use.

thats what i do.

but then i had to buy like 3 x 6ft rugs to cover the cable as it was a booby trapped house for a while.
I fully recommend that packsge off Lox... I'd have it if I didn't already have a 360
Dan Buy that console from Lox that is the best deal you will get, and it will be in good condition as well for sure...

There is over £350 worth of kit there, if not more...
Sorry Dan, only just caught up with this thread. I sold my 360 to a lad in work. He snatched my hand off!!!! Maybe I should've charged more! :(
<div class='quotemain'> Just thinking about the warranty in case it breaks yourself. [/b]

3 Year Warranty on red ring of death I believe now...
My power has been screwign around tonight and I was playing 360 with my mate, the power went off and for about 3 seconds the red ring of death flashed up, turned off but dammit i was ******** myself....

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